Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Image Generation:
    Users can effortlessly generate clipart and images with a prompt, eliminating the need for extensive manual design work.
  • Image to Vector:
    Users can convert images into vectors, facilitating the creation of vector graphics and logos for various applications.
  • Art Feed:
    Offers an AI art feed, allowing users to explore and integrate AI-generated art into their creative projects, fostering inspiration and innovation.
  • Design Tools:
    Offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to simplify and enhance the creative process, making design tasks more efficient.


Kittl is an AI platform that delivers design tools to streamline the process seamlessly.  This platform provides a range of AI tools that simplify your creative process. With just a prompt, you can easily create clipart and images. It also has a background generator and a background removal feature, which can be used to upscale images. You can convert your images into vectors, create vector graphics & logos, enhance product images, and create merchandise. The tool provides text editing and image recoloring for a seamless design process. Furthermore, Kittl AI has an AI art feed where you can browse AI-generated art and incorporate it into your projects. This tool is beneficial for designers, marketers, business owners, and anyone working in the creative industry. Kittl can help you produce professional-looking designs with just a click.


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