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June 10, 2024


AI-driven marketing and content creation for immersive brand experiences.

What is Akool?

Akool transforms marketing and content creation for creators and innovators. It helps users to release their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

Users can engage in amusing face swaps with its Face Swap, such as gender swapping, role-reversing in movies, and creative face memes. The development of material is made more enjoyable and engaging by this function. This eases the creation of interesting and viral content.

The Video Translate breaks language barriers for global professionals. Users can translate videos into different languages. It makes their content accessible to a wider audience and allows them to connect with viewers around the world.

The Image Generator tool in Akool is quite useful. Users are able to design anything they can think of. For marketing efforts, they can create illustrations, graphics, or other visual content.

With Realistic Avatar, users may employ AI voices and avatars to quickly generate videos from text. This feature simplifies the video creation process. It also enables users to produce high-quality content fast.

The tool’s Talking Photo brings static images to life by animating them and adding real human voices. For users and their audiences, it produces an immersive and captivating brand experience.

Users can also take their product photos to the next level with the Background Change feature. It allows for customizable backgrounds in seconds. This is useful for e-commerce businesses to improve their product imagery and create appealing product listings.

Akool provides users with a reliable and innovative platform for creating personalized and immersive brand experiences. It is changing the way creators and businesses approach marketing and content creation.

Key Features

  • Face Swap:

    Users can engage in humorous face swaps, including movie role refacing, gender swaps, and face memes.

  • Translation:

    It breaks language barriers by translating videos into different languages.

  • Image Generation:

    This tool allows users to create graphics, illustrations, and marketing materials.

  • Avatar Generation:

    Create videos from text within minutes using AI avatars and voices.

  • Animation:

    Bring static images to life by animating them and adding real human voices.

  • Background Change:
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Premium $500/mo $350/mo
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