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October 11, 2023

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Elevate your pitches from good to unforgettable with AI-Powered transformation.

Key Features:

  • Content Enhancement:
    Uses advanced AI technology, including GPT-4, to enhance the content of pitch decks. 
  • Structure Optimization:
    The tool optimizes the structure of pitch decks, ensuring a well-organized and engaging narrative that effectively conveys ideas.
  • Clarity:
    Helps simplify and clarify writing, sharpen the story’s focus, and provide fresh perspectives on ideas.
  • Content Flow:
    The tool streamlines the flow of content within pitch decks, making them more coherent and engaging for the audience.
  • Customization:
    Offers theme customization, including choosing custom accent colors.
  • Content Generation:
    Users can leverage AI for content creation and design, making it a complete solution for improving pitch decks.
  • Content Editing:
    Ensure accuracy and implement changes based on user guidance.
  • Design and Branding:
    Users can elevate their pitch decks with premium design by incorporating existing branding or choosing from a library of templates.

Overview is an AI-powered tool that transforms pitch decks into compelling and impactful presentations. With AI-enhanced editing and structure optimization, it simplifies and clarifies your writing. The tool sharpens your story’s focus, offers fresh perspectives on your ideas, and streamlines your content flow. Users build and customize their orders with Lily, the AI assistant. Next, they upload their existing pitch decks in PDF, PowerPoint, or Google Slides formats, and advanced AI then enhances clarity, structure, and impact. The result is a well-structured narrative ready to impress any audience and delivered within the same business day. offers assistance, including AI-powered pitch writing and design, AI pitch deck enhancement, expert content editing, and premium design and branding. Users can even customize their pitch themes with a custom accent color.

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