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April 13, 2024

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What is is a complete social media management platform powered by AI. It simplifies the process of managing social media content for businesses and organizations. Users can handle content ideation, media management, design editing, AI copywriting, and social media scheduling with this tool.

The platform offers a range of features aimed at simplifying social media management tasks. Approval workflows ease streamlined approvals across organizations. This includes batch approvals and admin overrides and ensures efficient collaboration. Users can access clear and concise analytics and reporting data from all social media platforms. This enables informed decision-making and performance evaluation. has a dynamic media studio where users can design beautiful content. They do not need to switch between different applications. The tool’s AI caption generation feature enables users to create smart, engaging captions. This improves the impact of their social media posts.

Social media marketing has become very faster and more efficient with this tool. The AI-powered features aid in creativity and planning. This allows users to generate months of content in minutes. The platform’s integration with Canva further enhances design capabilities. This enables users to import from Canva to the tool itself. caters to a diverse range of use cases. It integrates with popular social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users across various industries and sectors can enjoy vast social media management abilities. With this tool, social media presence can be handled more efficiently. This allows users to focus on building their businesses.


  • Social Media Marketing:

    This tool focuses on automating and optimizing social media content creation and scheduling.

  • Content Generation:

    AI-powered suggestion of content ideas based on your brand and audience.

  • Content Scheduling:

    Calendar view for managing your social media content pipeline.

  • Analytics:

    Track post performance through detailed analytics reports.

  • Social Media Management:

    Manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles in one place.

  • Content Ideation:

    Receive content ideas based on your brand, audience, and trending topics.

  • Tone Control:

    Fine-tune the tone and style of your captions to match your brand identity.

  • Caption Generation:

    Quickly create captions based on your uploaded images or videos.

  • Image Generation:

    Create high-quality product images without professional photography.

  • Image Editing:

    Crop, resize, and apply basic edits to your images directly within the platform.

  • Campaign Generation:

    Plan and execute marketing campaigns across different social media platforms.

  • Social Media Analysis:

    Track the performance of your individual posts through detailed analytics reports.

  • Collaboration:

    Team collaboration features for shared content creation and editing.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $49/mo 489.96/year
Enterprise Custom Custom

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