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April 13, 2024


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Boost your marketing with digitalized influencers delivering personalized impact.

What is Effluence?

Effluence is a digital marketing tool. It eases connections between influencers and brands in a scalable and cost-effective manner. It uses AI, including ChatGPT4 and a patented hyper-realistic graphics pipeline.

The tool creates lifelike Effluencers for personalized video content. It ensures that the generated Effluencer videos are indistinguishable from actual influencer content. This improves the authenticity of the marketing message.

Users can choose the subscription tier that aligns with their specific marketing needs. Effluence has shown significant results for its users. It has open rates increasing by more than double, weekly ROI growing by 40x, and click-through rates surging by over 650%.

Key Features

  • Influence Marketing:

    Create hyper-realistic Effluencers for impactful marketing campaigns.

  • Video Generation:

    Deliver personalized video content seamlessly, mimicking the style of the world’s top influencers.

  • Top Effluencers Selection:

    Choose from a roster of top effluencers, including Mr. Best, Sim Kardashian, Top J, and more, to tailor your marketing strategy.

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