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April 14, 2024

LiveReacting AI

LiveReacting Feature Image
Elevate your live-streaming game with interactive magic to captivate your audience!

What is LiveReacting AI?

LiveReacting is a professional live-streaming studio available through the web browser. It helps users to create interactive live videos, shows, and interviews.

The tool improves audience engagement on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. It helps social media managers, digital agencies, brands, and content creators.

This tool can add polls for real-time interaction and include games and quizzes. It also schedules pre-recorded videos to look like live content. LiveReacting offers pre-built templates for live show creation.

The platform also has customization options to align the broadcast with your brand identity. Users can display viewer comments in the broadcast. They can put in place live countdowns and multistream to various platforms.

LiveReacting gives an easy and engaging experience for both streamers and audiences. It is a helpful tool for users looking to boost their online presence.

Key Features

  • Live Streaming Studio:

    Users can access a professional live-streaming studio from their web browser.

  • Interactive Live Content:

    It improves engagement by adding pre-recorded videos, interactive games, countdowns, and polls.

  • Content Generation:

    It creates branded live videos, interactive shows, interviews, and live events.

  • Multistreaming:

    You can stream your content to multiple platforms, reaching a broader audience.

  • Polls:

    Users can engage with the audience in real-time by adding polls to the live streams.

  • Interactive Games:

    It makes your live streams more entertaining by adding interactive games and quizzes.

  • Prerecorded Videos:

    Users can schedule and publish pre-recorded videos as if they were live.

  • Template Library:

    Users can access a library of pre-made templates for quick and easy live show creation.

  • Brand Kit:

    It helps to customize your live broadcasts to align with your brand identity.

  • Display Comments:

    You can engage your audience by displaying their comments in real-time.

  • Countdowns:

    It creates anticipation or limits special offers with live countdowns.

  • Cloud-Based:

    It offers an easy and convenient platform for live video creation.

Plans Monthly Cost
Small $19.99/mo
Medium $39.99/mo
Large $99.99/mo
Enterprise $249.99/mo
24/7 streaming $349.99/mo
Pay as you go $3.99/credit

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