Neurons| AI-Powered Behavior Prediction for Enhanced Marketing
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May 2, 2024


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Predict behavior, enhance marketing insights, and boost revenue

What is Neurons?

Neurons is a platform that uses AI to predict human behavior and enhance marketing, design, and consumer insights. Its “Predict” feature offers AI campaign, image, and video performance predictions. It helps businesses drive revenue.

Users gain feedback for informed decision-making with a validated training set and pre-testing. The “Explore” feature digs into audience sentiments. It provides emotional scores and unconscious motivations through video and image tests. The API improves products by capturing subconscious responses. This is done with eye-tracking and EEG data through Explore Lab.

Neurons depend on scientific validity, combining cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, AI, and psychology. It is made for people working in marketing, agencies, designers, and insights. This tool serves diverse use cases like AB testing, eCommerce, advertising, UI & web, retail, and branding.

Key Features

  • Predictive Analysis:It expects campaigns, images, and videos to be effective across various platforms.
  • Training Set:It uses a powerful training set for dependable predictions and results.
  • Pre-testing Ability:It ends guesswork with pre-testing and receiving instant feedback before the campaign launch.
  • Emotional Scores:It gains insights into audience emotions to tailor content for the most impact.
  • Unconscious Motivations:It studies and catches subconscious responses to refine marketing strategies.
  • Split Testing:It conducts split tests to compare and optimize different creative elements.
  • API Integration:It improves products by including customer predictions with eye-tracking and EEG data.
  • Scientific Validity:It is rooted in the latest advancements in cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, AI, and psychology.
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