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May 2, 2024

Seocopy Feature Image
Your ultimate tool for AI-powered content creation and optimization, boosting online visibility.

What is is a groundbreaking SEO copywriting tool. It simplifies generating SEO-optimized blog posts and website copy within minutes. This reduces writing time for marketers and agencies.

This tool empowers users to craft SEO-friendly content. This eliminates the need for extensive manual labor associated with copywriting tasks. It offers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in producing high-quality SEO copy.

Users can generate new blog posts from scratch. They only have to input their blog ideas and select from a curated list of AI-suggested subheadings. The tool can generate fresh copy with included SEO keyword suggestions for product descriptions, blogs, and landing pages. also eases the optimization of existing copy by offering the functionality to rewrite. It also enhances the copy with new keywords identified through thorough keyword research. The tool suggests relevant keywords. This empowers users to incorporate them into their content to improve SEO performance.

The tool further improves user productivity by enabling bulk generation of copies via CSV import. This allows for the creation of content at scale. It also integrates with Shopify stores and WordPress blogs. This helps users generate or rewrite copy for their products, collections, and pages.

This tool has a user-friendly interface and powerful AI abilities. makes SEO copywriting accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes. It automates the process of generating and optimizing SEO content. The tool empowers users to kickstart their content creation efforts. It is revolutionizing the way marketers and agencies approach copywriting. It also offers a solution that saves time, improves productivity, and gives superior SEO results.

Key Features

  • Content Generation:Create blog posts from scratch by providing your ideas and selecting AI-suggested subheadings.
  • SEO Optimization:Create fresh content, including suggested SEO keywords for product descriptions, blogs, and landing pages.
  • Content Rewriter:The AI rewrites content using new keywords and enhances search engine friendliness.
  • Keyword Research:Use Google data to receive automatic keyword suggestions relevant to your topic.
  • Analytics:Analyze existing content or competitor content to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Collaboration:Collaborate with your team on projects, allowing many users to access and work on content.
  • Integrations:Connect it with popular marketing tools like Zapier and Google Search Console.
Plans Cost
Indie $24/mo
Pro $39/mo
Copilot-Essentials Plan $14.99/mo
Bulk Discount Custom

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