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April 14, 2024

Viral Curation

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Your AI content companion for ideation, creation, and distribution across diverse platforms.

What is Viral Curation?

Viral Curation is an AI content generator that helps creators produce articles, social media posts, and viral content. It’s ideal for bloggers, influencers, advertisers, copywriters, and website owners.

It helps generate original viral content with the help of its “Idea Assistant” and AI-powered content creation. This tool allows easy distribution of content across social media and blogging websites.

Its “Digital Assistant” feature makes scheduling and posting on-the-go easier. Viral Curation ensures your content is plagiarism-free and adheres to Google’s standards.

The tool has an AI rewriting feature that improves your content’s rankings and Adsense eligibility. The tool also enables teamwork through its TEAM feature.

It allows collaboration across distances. It is mobile-friendly, making it easy to create content and build traffic from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Content Generation:

    It uses AI to speed up content creation, producing articles, social media posts, and viral content.

  • Social Media Writing:

    It helps to write social media copy that is more likely to get engagement.

  • Content Editing:

    The tool can edit your content to make it more error-free and readable.

  • Idea Generation:

    It has an Idea Assistant to remove writer’s block and ease brainstorming for fresh ideas.

  • Content Distribution:

    Users can publish and schedule content across various platforms.

  • Content Scheduling:

    Its Digital Assistant allows for smart scheduling, enabling users to post content at desired times and locations.

  • Plagiarism Checker:

    It integrates Copyscape to ensure every article adheres to Google’s strict duplicate content rules.

  • Content Rewriting:

    Users can use AI to rewrite content to enhance content uniqueness and search engine rankings.

  • Collaboration:

    It allows writers and designers to collaborate, regardless of geographical location.

  • Content Management:

    It integrates Canva for content management, allowing users to easily create and publish images.

  • Content Research and Discovery:

    The tool includes built-in search engines for researching articles, videos, images, and websites.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Bills $97/mo $400/year

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