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April 18, 2024


Elevate your avatar game with Anime AI and create personalized anime characters effortlessly.

What is Anime AI?

Anime AI is an art generator perfect for creating anime avatars. It offers an innovative text-to-image AI Art Generator to bring your vision to life. Select from a variety of styles, including Classic, Fate Series, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Elf, Naruto, Bleach, Vagabond, Webtoon, Baki, and more. The AI Waifu Image Generator creates your own waifu characters from a prompt or picture. Mix and match styles or focus on a single one to customize your photos.

Its advanced system generates a hundred personalized anime pictures based on your initial photo and chosen styles. This tool uses machine learning on a dataset of over 500,000 animated pictures. Users can improve their images

Key Features:

  • Hentai Generation:Creates generic hentai and anime images from prompts or photos.
  • Waifu Generation:Creates your own waifu characters from a prompt or picture.
  • Text-to-Image:Offers artistic images based on textual descriptions.
  • Customization:Choose from an extensive range of anime styles. Each offers a unique visual experience.
  • Negative Prompts:Offers negative prompts to achieve the best results.
Plans Cost
Standard $2.99

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