Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Text Summarization:
    Utilizes ChatGPT’s advanced language capabilities to generate accurate and concise text summaries from web pages.
  • Chrome Extension:
    Comes as a Chrome extension, providing concise summaries for a wide range of content, including articles, blog posts, research papers, and more.


Recap is a Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT to summarize text on web pages.  It splits lengthy articles into smaller passages to make summarization more effective. With this tool, you can get concise summaries of articles, blog posts, research papers, and more. The tool is helpful for students, researchers, professors, content writers, or anyone working with a lot of information. It extracts key information from lengthy articles for better summaries. This tool is easy to use and comes with quick access via its Chrome extension. You can save time and enhance productivity with the help of this tool.


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