Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Video Transcription:
    Generates a transcript of the video’s content. 
  • Video Summarization:
    Provides summaries that condense the key points and highlights from the video. 
  • Quiz Yourself:
    The “Quiz Me” feature tests your knowledge and retention of the video content. It offers quizzes based on the video transcript, helping you reinforce your learning and memory.
  • Productivity Boost:
    Enhances productivity by making extracting valuable information from YouTube videos easier.


Kiwi is a helpful tool for learning from YouTube videos more efficiently. Simply enter the YouTube link, and Kiwi will provide a video transcript. With Kiwi, you can watch videos, ask questions, receive a video summary, and quiz yourself on the content. The Quiz Me feature is designed to help you revise the video content and improve your learning abilities. Kiwi aims to help you enhance productivity and save time by enabling you to get more out of YouTube videos.


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