9 Best AI Rotoscoping Tools To Try in 2024: Free & Paid
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Best AI Rotoscoping Tools

Best AI Rotoscoping Tools in 2024

January 29, 2024
6 minutes read

Table of Contents

AI-powered rotoscoping tools are changing the outlook of animation and visual effects. These tools automate separating foreground elements from their background in video footage. They reduce production time significantly.This blog compares various AI rotoscope tools. This is done based on their accuracy, ease of use, pricing, and compatibility with editing software. It aims to help you choose the best tool based on your specific needs and budget. Our goal is to assist you on this path, regardless of whether you have expertise or are just starting out.                  

AI-powered rotoscoping is evolving rapidly, offering more automation and precision. This blog helps creators take advantage of these advancements for their projects.

AI Rotoscoping

AI Rotoscoping simplifies the process of isolating characters for animation. They remove unwanted objects from a scene or combine elements from different sources. These tools are a powerful and versatile solution. They are changing the landscape of rotoscoping and making the way for inventive visual storytelling. AI-powered rotoscoping tools are changing the game for artists and filmmakers. They automate the task of drawing masks frame by frame.

Best AI Rotoscoping Tools

RunwayML Feature Image

Runway’s Gen-2 tool uses AI to create high-quality videos with accurate rotoscoping. It turns text into videos without filming, making content creation easier.          

The Motion Brush tool allows users to control movements easily. They can perform complex tasks like erasing objects or removing backgrounds with one click. Users can also slow down videos, animate images, and easily manipulate visuals.           

Runway can easily change styles and customize AI models. It offers versatility and innovation, taking storytelling and creative expression to new heights.             

Key Features

  1. Text-to-Video: Realistically and consistently synthesizes new videos using text prompts alone.
  2. Image Generation: Produces compelling images solely from textual inputs.
  3. Motion Brush: A unique interface that allows users to direct specific movements with a simple brush stroke.
  4. Image Editing: Expands any image and remixes the style and composition of any image.
  5. Custom Models: It empowers users to train their own AI models on specific subjects and styles.
  6. Object Removal: Removes anyone or anything from any video with a simple brush stroke.
  7. Slow Mo: Turns any video into super slow-motion footage regardless of the original frame rate.
  8. Animation: Strings together a sequence of images into an animated video.
  9. Background Removal: Instantly remove the background from any video with a click.


  • Accessible directly through a web browser.     
  • Empowers users to generate original images using textual inputs.       
  • Offers a unique text-to-color grading feature.        
  • Boosts the transformation of any video into smooth, slow-motion footage.            
  • Enables users to transform images with a simple text prompt.         
  • Features advanced inpainting capabilities.       
  • Allows users to track and manipulate the movement of objects within videos.


  • The tool’s browser-based editing may hinder accessibility in offline scenarios.       
  • Templates’ customization options may limit users’ ability to tailor content.         
  • Export format constraints may require additional conversion steps.         
  • The lack of VR support can limit creators from exploring immersive content creation.      
  • The tool’s need for the internet may hinder offline editing.               
  • The tool may lack some advanced video editing features.    


  • Basic – Free
  • Standard – $15/mo
  • Pro – $35/mo
  • Unlimited – $95/mo
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing
DeepMotion Feature Image

DeepMotion introduces AI solutions, Animate 3D and SayMotion™. They transform the animation pipelines. Animate 3D uses AI for markerless motion capture from any video source. It enhances speed, accessibility, and quality.          

Users can aid from real-time 3D body tracking via web and mobile platforms. SayMotion™ uses AI to convert text into dynamic animations. It’s the top choice for AI Rotoscoping and sets new standards for dynamic animation.

Key Features

  1. AI Animation: Uses the power of Generative AI to translate text into dynamic and engaging animations.        
  2. Text-to-Animation: Simplifies the animation creation process by changing textual inputs into visual content.                     
  3. Digital Human Realism: Improves realism in animated content, helping to create lifelike digital humans.      
  4. Dynamic Motion Capture: Allows motion capture from any video source, providing flexibility and realism.


  • Allows 3D animation in web browsers, eliminating complex software installations.         
  • Includes real-time body tracking capabilities.         
  • Lessens the number of trackers required for Virtual Reality (VR).                
  • It uses advanced technology to breathe life into characters.                       
  • Uses markerless motion capture technology.                 
  • Has a team with experience from Blizzard, Pixar, and Disney.


  • No mobile app means less flexibility and convenience.         
  • The tool’s limited tracker-less VR support may slow animation workflows.        
  • No API integration means limited collaboration with other software.       
  • Animations with complex movements may have accuracy issues.           
  • Not supporting many languages may limit accessibility for some users. 


  • Free
  • Starter – $15/mo
  • Innovator – $48/mo
  • Professional – $117/mo
  • Studio – $300/mo
ElevenLabs Feature Image

Mocha Pro is an AI Rotoscoping tool. It is known for its excellent planar tracking and VFX abilities. This tool is widely used in visual effects and post-production. It has played a major role in recent Oscar-nominated films.                     

It has new features that make complex tasks like object removal, image stabilization, and warp tracking easier to handle. These come with improved roto tools, tracking, and advanced rendering options.          

Mocha Pro is a popular tool for VFX artists. It has an easy-to-use interface and integrates with industry-standard applications. It offers reliable and efficient AI-powered Rotoscoping and animation workflows. 

Key Features

  1. Rotoscoping: Advanced roto tools with point selection falloff, layer spline tools, and snapshot layers. 
  2. Planar Tracking: Provides rock-solid and reliable tracking for complex shots.                          
  3. Object Removal: Removes unwanted elements, wires, rigs, tracking marks, and 360 cameras.                 
  4. Image Stabilization: Stabilizes camera or object motion, allowing for locked-down shots or stabilized footage.          
  5. Warp Tracking: Enables the tracking of warped surfaces and organic objects.                 
  6. Lens Calibration Tools: Provides tools for calibrating lens distortion, removing unwanted distortion, or matching it realistically.                    
  7. 3D Camera Solver: Offers an ideal solution for set extensions, 3D text, and particle tracking.             
  8. Boris FX Hub Integration: Integration with Boris FX Hub for downloading, installing, licensing, and managing Boris FX tools.                       
  9. Layer Spline Tools: Added new spline features like split contours, snapshot duplicates, feather inner width, shrink/grow, and clear keyframes.                    
  10. Tracking Tools: Merge tracks, set layer ranges, adjust grid scale, preview search area, and lock selected points.      
  11. Rendering Improvements: Features static scene removal, improved ROI fitting in the Insert Module, and export enhancements.               


  • Multi-award-winning planar tracking for reliable and robust tracking in complex shots.       
  • Efficient object removal with the Remove Module, offering a Content Aware alternative.       
  • Image stabilization abilities for locked-down shots or stabilized footage.         
  • Native support for stereo 3D and 360/VR formats.           
  • 3D camera solver for easy match moving based on user-selected planar data.         
  • Integration with Boris FX Hub for a user-friendly experience.          
  • Rendering improvements, such as static scene removal and improved ROI fitting.         
  • Export enhancements for easier data generation in After Effects and Nuke.  


  • No mobile app for on-the-go accessibility.         
  • Absence of an offline version, requiring a consistent internet connection.         
  • Possible accuracy issues in capturing subtle nuances or intricate movements.       
  • Dependence on internet speed, which may cause lag in real-time tracking.


  • Monthly Subscription – $37/mo
  • Annual Subscription – $25/mo
  • Perpetual License – $695
Silhouette Feature Image

Silhouette 2023.5 is a top-notch tool for AI-driven Rotoscoping and paint. It was used to make popular movies like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Dune, and The Mandalorian. It uses the latest Generative AI technology to generate realistic faces and text rapidly.        

ML professionals use this powerful tool to resize images with optimal quality. It has 400+ VFX nodes, including Sapphire and Particle Illusion. The tool also has features like Denoiser ML, Regrain, and Mocha integration for robust tracking improvements. This tool has a new feature called AI-driven Rotoscoping that combines innovation with proven quality.       

Key Features

  1. Rotoscoping: Refined rotoscoping tools with B-Spline, Bézier, X-Spline, or Magnetic Freehand shapes.  
  2. Generative AI: Uses the Stable Diffusion XL model for realistic face and text generation.                 
  3. ML Node: Integrates machine learning to resize images, maintaining critical features.                 
  4. Denoiser Refinements: Improved models with higher precision for denoising images.               
  5. Tracking Enhancements: Integrated Mocha and Planar Tracker for tracking many layers and subtracted layers.                    
  6. Auto Paint: 32-bit float raster-based paint and tracking system for high-resolution, color-managed VFX pipelines.               
  7. Image Processing: Node-based effects tree for film-grade results with improved tracking and extensive options.     
  8. Morphing: Shape-based warp and morph tools for digital retouching, image deformations, and creative transitions.               
  9. Matte Generation: Proprietary matte extraction techniques in Primatte, zMatte, and Power Matte.                  
  10. Tracking Tools: Tracking options for animation tasks offer point tracking and a native planar tracker.               
  11. Multi-Host Plugin: It can be launched as a plugin from various VFX applications.              
  12. Stereoscopic 3D Workflow: Native stereo 3D support for advanced post-production tasks.           


  • It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.             
  • It provides accessibility without compromising functionality.           
  • It enables fast and efficient rendering using hardware acceleration.                 
  • The tool has top-notch planar tracking abilities.   


  • Real-time tracking may experience lag due to dependence on internet speed.      
  • The paid version comes at a higher cost compared to some alternatives.             


  • Monthly Subscription – $100/mo
  • Annual Subscription – $40/mo
  • Perpetual License – $1095
Unscreen Feature Image

Unscreen transforms video editing by simplifying the traditionally complex process of removing backgrounds. It does not need greenscreens or intricate chroma keying.          

The AI-powered tool removes the background from the video without manual pixel selection or mask creation. It’s user-friendly and accurate, making it the best AI Rotoscoping tool.         

Unscreen Pro Plugin is an editing tool that works with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. It offers features like full HD resolution, no watermark, API, plugins, and support for full-length clips.

Key Features

  1. Background Removal: It removes video backgrounds without the need for greenscreens or manual techniques.           
  2. Video Analysis: The tool automatically analyzes videos, no manual adjustments are needed.              
  3. High-Quality Output: It provides the generation of high-quality, background-free videos with exceptional accuracy.    
  4. No Watermark: This tool provides watermark-free videos, maintaining a professional and polished appearance.           
  5. API + Plugins: It offers API integration for versatile usage and extra plugins to grow functionality.           
  6. Video File Download: It allows users to download edited videos for easy use and sharing.           
  7. Audio Support: This tool includes audio elements in the processed videos, ensuring a complete experience.                     


  • It supports a variety of video formats, ensuring compatibility with diverse content.              
  • Its user-friendly interface enhances the editing experience.           
  • Unscreen removes the need for manual intervention.     
  • The tool provides high-quality and polished videos.             
  • Users can conveniently upload edited content directly to video editing software.                   
  • Ensures clarity and visual appeal in the final output.


  • Some advanced features are restricted to the Pro version.                 
  • The output quality is random based on the quality of the original video.                  
  • The Pro Plugin is only available for Adobe software.


  • Pay as you go – ₹ 360/video minute
  • Subscription Plan
    • Hobby – ₹ 650 – 03 min / month = ₹ 217 / min
    • Artist – ₹ 2900 – 15 min / month = ₹ 193 / min
    • Creator – ₹ 6500 – 45 min / month = ₹ 144 / min
    • Maker – ₹ 13900 – 02:00 hrs / month = ₹ 116 / min
    • Studio – ₹ 28000 – 05:30 hrs / month = ₹ 85 / min
    • Custom – Contact us
Rotobrush 2 Feature Image

Rotobrush 2 is a feature within Adobe After Effects. It stands out as an exceptional AI Rotoscoping tool. The tool is designed for isolating and separating elements in videos. It uses a strong rotobrush tool.                       

Users can draw strokes on expected areas. This helps After Effects create precise segmentation boundaries between foreground and background elements. The tool’s efficiency is evident in tasks such as extracting foreground objects. It refines mattes, freezes frames, and animates properties within video compositions.            Rotobrush 2 is a good choice for artists and video editors with its easy integration into Adobe After Effects. It is the right solution for users seeking precise and efficient AI-driven rotoscoping solutions.             

Key Features

  1. Separation: It helps users to separate elements within a video.          
  2. Drawing Strokes: Users can draw strokes on expected areas of foreground and background elements.         
  3. Automatic Segmentation: After Effects uses drawn strokes to create segmentation boundaries between elements.               
  4. Foreground Object Extraction: It is particularly useful for extracting foreground objects from the background in videos.         
  5. Matte Refinement: It is ideal for refining mattes, providing clear and clean separations between elements.         
  6. Freezing Frames: The tool allows for freezing specific frames in the video composition.          


  • It allows efficient and precise rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects.            
  • It integrates into the familiar After Effects environment.            
  • It automates the process and saves time and effort.             
  • The tool offers tools to further enhance matte quality.          
  • It is helpful for property animation.      


  • Achieving optimal results may need skill and familiarity with rotoscoping techniques.           
  • Beginners may experience a learning curve in the tool’s functionalities.           
  • The tool is only available for Adobe After Effects.  


  • Free Trial
  • Plan – ₹1,675.60/mo
WellSaid Feature Image

Mask Prompter is an AI-powered plugin. It changes the landscape of rotoscoping with remarkable efficiency. This cutting-edge tool simplifies matte generation through an intuitive interface.                   

Users use points and boxes to create even black-white mattes and alpha channels for objects in their footage. The AI automates boring tasks and frees users to focus on their creative endeavors.              

Mask Prompter sets a new standard for seamless, intelligent, and rapid rotoscoping. It does text-based matting. The tool has a performance-improving Fast mode catering to various hardware configurations. This makes it the best choice for creatives seeking a user-friendly AI Rotoscoping solution.

Key Features

  1. Rotoscoping: It uses AI to automate and improve the rotoscoping process.         
  2. Intuitive Interface: Its user-friendly interface simplifies the matte generation process.            
  3. Point and Box Detection: It allows users to use points and boxes to detect and generate black-white mattes and alpha channels.                
  4. Text-Based Matting: The tool introduces text-based matting for enhanced flexibility in matte creation.              
  5. Fast Mode: Performance-optimized mode is suitable for weaker GPUs and CPU-only systems.             


  • It uses the power of AI for efficient and automated rotoscoping.             
  • Its user-friendly design helps in easy matte generation.      
  • The tool simplifies the rotoscoping process.


  • Users may need skill and understanding of AI-based rotoscoping for best results.          


  • Single User License – $49.99
  • Floating Server License – $74.99
DaVinci Resolve 18 Feature Image

DaVinci Resolve 18 is the ultimate all-in-one solution for professional video post-production. It combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production in a software tool.                  

The tool is widely regarded as Hollywood’s top choice. It has 32-bit float processing and YRGB color science for unparalleled quality. Its latest version, 18.5, has over 150 new features and improved collaboration abilities.               

DaVinci Resolve streamlines workflows, ensuring that users work with precision. The tool has pages dedicated to each task, from editing and color correction to visual effects and audio posts. 

Key Features

  1. Color Correction: The color page provides color correction tools, HDR grading, and qualifiers.                    
  2. Visual Effects: Creation of cinematic visual effects and motion graphics through a node-based workflow.
  3. Collaboration: Redesigned project libraries ease real-time local and remote collaboration.                  
  4. Page-Based Workflow: Dedicated pages for editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, audio, etc.          
  5. Fast Editing Tools: The edit page offers drag-and-drop editing and automatic trimming tools.                    
  6. Cut Page for Quick Turnarounds: The cut page features a simple interface with source tape, dual timelines, and smart editing tools.                        
  7. Audio Post-Production: The Fairlight page includes tools for audio post-production.                 
  8. Media and Delivery: Dedicated pages for media preparation, sync, organization, and delivery.             


  • It includes advanced AI tools for various rotoscoping tasks.                     
  • It ensures a focused and efficient workspace for each stage of post-production.              
  • The tool is compatible with major file formats and post-production software.          


  • It may be a steep learning for those unknown with professional-grade tools.                
  • Some advanced features and processing may need large hardware resources.   


  • DaVinci Resolve 18 – Free
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio 18 – ₹28,980
Synthetik Studio Artist Feature Image

Synthetik Studio Artist 5.5 is the ideal of AI-generated art and animation. It redefines the creative process. It changes photos and videos into captivating paintings, drawings, and animations with a click.                   

Its intelligent painting software operates in automatic, assisted, or manual modes. The tool excels in rotoscoping, photo mosaics, and abstract art generation.                  

It caters to novices and seasoned artists with thousands of customizable presets and vast editing tools. From vectorizing images to dynamic NFT creation, its versatile features, backed by stellar technical support, make it a remarkable AI roto tool.                   

Key Features

  1. Rotoscoping: The tool does frame-by-frame automatic rotoscoping for videos.
  2. Painting and Drawing: It has automatic, assisted, and manual painting and drawing.                                   
  3. Vectorizer: It turns photos or videos into resolution-independent vector art.            
  4. Photo Mosaics: Its intelligent mosaic mapping beyond grid-based effects.               
  5. Warping and Image Adjustments: On-the-fly warp effects for interactive creativity.               


  • The tool offers automatic animation rotoscoping for videos.                  
  • It supports real-time interaction for live editing.               
  • It enables upscaling small images without typical interpolation artifacts.  


  • Studio Artist is not available for free.           
  • Its vast features may be considered overkill for their specific needs.


  • For Mac and Winfows – $199

How to Select the Right Rotoscoping Software

AI-powered Rotoscope tools make the rotoscoping process more efficient and precise. Picking the best AI tool is important for great results in creative projects. Let’s take a look at the important factors to consider when choosing one.

  • Accuracy and Precision: Ensure that the tool delivers high levels of accuracy and precision in outlining subjects.         
  • User-Friendly Interface: Opt for a tool with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.           
  • Integration with Other Software: Consider the compatibility of the AI tool with other software used in the projects.          
  • Time-Saving Capabilities: Look for AI tools that offer features such as batch processing and automation to speed up the rotoscoping process.                   
  • Flexibility and Customization: Choose an AI tool that allows for customization and adjustment of parameters.         
  • Output Quality: Check the quality of the final output produced by the AI rotoscope tool.                 
  • Cost and Licensing: Consider factors such as one-time purchase costs, subscription fees, or any additional charges.


The growth of AI-powered rotoscoping tools has reformed the creative landscape. They offer increased efficiency, enhanced accuracy, and improved accessibility for artists and filmmakers.       

One must focus on accuracy and precision when selecting the right AI rotoscope tool. The tool should have a user-friendly interface. It should be able to integrate with other software easily. The tool should save time and provide flexibility and customization.               

Each of the tools mentioned above caters to specific needs. They provide a variety of features, from efficient text-to-video creation to advanced planar tracking and vibrant art generation.       

AI allows creators to upgrade their projects with intelligent rotoscoping. These tools offer a promising, unparalleled creative expression and storytelling innovation.            


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