8 Best AI Music Video Generator Tools Use in 2023
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10 Best AI Music Generators Feature Image

Top AI Music Video Generators in 2024

December 19, 2023

Table of Contents

The intersection of AI and creativity has led to the production of innovative tools. One of the noteworthy examples is the AI Music Generator tool. This tool uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to simplify the creation of stunning music videos.  

AI in the creative domain has surely impacted artistic expression. AI-powered tools bring efficiency, automation, and a fresh approach to creativity. They offer new possibilities across various imaginative domains, including creating music videos.

As we move ahead into 2024, the popularity of AI generated music video continues to rise. Creators, musicians, and filmmakers recognize AI’s potential to enhance their projects. This surge highlights the evolving role of AI in shaping the future of content creation and the arts.

Best AI Music Video Generators of 2024

Neural Frames Feature Image

Neural Frames is an AI-powered tool that generates music videos and animations. It allows you to create captivating videos from text prompts using text-to-video technology. With its AI music video generator, you can generate stunning videos for your music by uploading your song. The advanced algorithms extract individual components of the song, such as drums, keys, and other instruments. This allows you to modulate your video based on the specific components of your music. Thus, you can create videos that perfectly sync with your music. 

With Neural Frames, you can instantly preview your creation at any point and make changes as needed. The “Pimp My Prompt” feature helps you enhance your text prompts. It provides suggestions and improvements to make your prompts more effective. You can also train an AI model based on any object or yourself, opening up infinite possibilities.  In addition, you can use its AI animation generator to create digital art in any tone, ranging from abstract to hyper-realistic. All the music videos you create belong to you, and the platform does not claim any rights to them.

Key Features

  1. Text-to-Video: It offers features that generate music videos that sync perfectly with uploaded song content.
  2. Video Editing: The platform enables instant previews of creations at any stage. It allows for real-time adjustments and modifications. 
  3. AI Model Training: Trains AI models based on different objects or personalizes them to offer diverse creative possibilities.
  4. Animation Generator: The AI animation generator caters to digital art styles, from abstract to hyper-realistic.


  • Generates music videos synced perfectly to uploaded songs.
  • Instantly preview and modify creations during production.
  • The “Pimp My Prompt” feature improves input effectiveness.
  • Ability to train AI models for diverse creative possibilities.
  • Creates digital art from abstract to hyper-realistic styles.
  • Users maintain complete ownership of created content.


  • Synchronizing video components with music may be challenging.
  • It may require time to learn for users new to AI-powered tools.


Neural Frames offers four subscription options. One option is completely free and provides basic features. Paid plans start at $19/month.

Kaiber Ai Feature Image

Kaiber is an AI-based tool designed to create stunning videos from text, videos, and music. With its Audioreactivity feature, you can upload your favorite song and add your unique artistic style to the video. You can also transform your video into various styles and aesthetics effortlessly. The platform also provides a simple way to turn images into videos, making video creation a breeze. 

Additionally, you can generate motion animation by providing a plain text prompt. The platform offers a Gallery that provides endless inspiration and related articles. It can also guide users on using the platform’s features and capabilities. Users can create stunning AI art anytime with the Kaiber Mobile App, which is available on iOS and Android.

Key Features

  1. Audioreactivity: Enables users to create visually captivating videos synchronizing seamlessly with uploaded songs.
  2. Video-to-Video: Allow effortless alteration of video styles and aesthetics, providing a fresh outlook to a video.
  3. Image-to-Video: Simplifies the process of converting static images into dynamic videos. 
  4. Animation: Through plain text prompts, Kaiber generates captivating motion animations. 
  5. Inspiration Gallery: Kaiber offers an extensive Gallery that serves as a wellspring of inspiration. 
  6. Mobile App Access: Kaiber is accessible through the Mobile App (iOS and Android).


  • Easily create visually stunning videos synced with your favorite songs.
  • Effortlessly convert videos into various styles and aesthetics.
  • Turn images into videos with ease.
  • Generate motion animation from plain text prompts.
  • Access a vast Gallery for creative inspiration.


  • Users might need time to familiarize themselves with the platform’s features.


Kaiber Studio offers three pricing plans – Explorer, Pro, and Artist, targeting different user needs and budgets. Paid plans start at $5/month.

Decoherence Feature Image

Decoherence is a text-to-video generator powered by AI technology. It allows you to transform your ideas into captivating videos effortlessly. To get started, all you need to do is enter a text prompt describing your video concept and select unique AI styles that match your vision. The video output perfectly synchronizes with your audio. It is ideal for creating music videos, visualizers, Spotify canvases, or promos for your social media channels. With the help of a familiar timeline editor, you have complete control over every aspect of your video, making the process simpler. 

Key Features

  1. Text-to-Video: Utilizes AI technology to transform text prompts effortlessly into captivating videos.
  2. Custom AI Styles: Offers a variety of unique AI styles to match different creative concepts and preferences.
  3. Audio-Visual Synchronization: Ensures seamless synchronization between video output and audio. It is ideal for music-related content or promotional videos.
  4. Timeline Editor Control: Provides a familiar and user-friendly timeline editor. This allows precise control over video elements and simplifies the editing process.


  • Simplifies the creation of captivating videos from text prompts
  • Offers unique AI styles to match various creative visions and preferences.
  • Generates videos that flawlessly sync with audio


  • The generated video may lack realism, and users may require time to familiarize themselves with the platform.


Decoherence offers four pricing plans: Free, Basic, Creator, and Director

  • Free: This plan provides 300 credits monthly with limited features at no cost.
  • Basic: The plan includes 3,000 plus extra features billed at $9/month. 
  • Creator: This plan offers 15,000 credits and advanced features at $29 monthly.
  • Director: This plan offers 60,000 credits plus additional features at $89 per month.

Synthesia Feature Image

Synthesia is a platform that uses AI to generate videos. With over 140 AI Avatars and natural-sounding voices available in more than 120 languages, it can make your video more engaging. You only need to describe your topic and generate a script for your video to get started. Once you have your script, you can choose your AI avatars, add text and media, and replace layouts or backgrounds. You can even add micro gestures like head nods or raised eyebrows.

Another great feature is that you can clone your voice and pair it with your custom AI avatar. This allows you to create voiceovers in over 120 languages, with automatic closed captions included. In addition, Synthesia also allows you to create your own AI avatar. You can then streamline your video creation process by embedding your videos into your authoring tool, LMS, LXP, and more.

Key Features

  1. Text-to-Video: Converts text descriptions into engaging video content, simplifying the video creation process.
  2. Voiceovers: Offers the ability to create voiceovers in more than 120 languages.
  3. AI Avatar: Offers a vast selection of AI avatars and voices in numerous languages, enhancing video diversity.
  4. Script Generation: Simplifies video creation by generating a script from topic descriptions.
  5. Customization: Allows customization of avatars, and text/media.
  6. Voice Cloning: Enables users to clone their voice. It pairs it with a custom AI avatar to create voiceovers in multiple languages with automatic closed captions.
  7. Custom AI Avatars: Allows users to create AI avatars. It streamlines video embedding into various authoring tools and platforms.


  • Over 140 AI avatars and voices in 120+ languages enhance video engagement.
  • Easy Script Generation simplifies the video creation process.
  • Offers options to customize avatars, add text/media, and include micro gestures


  • Some features might be intricate for users unfamiliar with similar AI-powered platforms.


Synthesia offers two pricing models:

  • Starter: This pricing model includes basic features billed at ₹1,499/month.
  • Enterprise: This plan is custom made designed for teams. For details, contact for pricing. 
Wzrd Feature Image

WZRD is a generative AI music visualizer. It enables you to easily create compelling videos for your audio by using your own images or visual themes provided by the platform. Its audio analysis pipeline can detect both percussion and harmonic elements. These elements are then utilized to drive and influence different parts of the video. After analyzing the audio elements, this tool will create a captivating video synchronized with the music. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of different themes to choose from. This allows for even more customization and personalization of your video content.

Key Features

  1. AI Music Visualizer: Empowers users to create visually compelling videos for their audio content effortlessly.
  2. Video Generation: Creates videos that synchronize seamlessly with the audio, enhancing the visual experience.
  3. Visual Themes: Offers a diverse range of themes for users to choose from.


  • Simplifies the creation of videos for audio using personal images or provided visual themes.
  • Generates videos synchronized with the music, enhancing the visual experience.


  • Users might need time to familiarize themselves with maximizing the platform’s functionalities.


Contact for pricing

Track Video Feature Image

Plazmapunk is a music video creation platform that utilizes AI technology to simplify the process. You have the option to select a pre-made song or upload your own. Additionally, you can use the platform’s microphone to record your own music. The animation style for your music video can be chosen from flipbook and storyboard options. 

You can customize the video settings by selecting the aspect ratio and generation model (Stable Diffusion & Kandinsky) and their respective versions. You can also upload an image and add a text prompt to describe the style of the video. The scene editor feature lets you personalize lyrics and instruments and add the desired topic to your video. You can choose your preferred animation effects, upscale the resolution, adjust the duration, and remove watermarks.

Key Features

  1. Music Video Generation: Utilizes AI technology to streamline the music video creation process.
  2. Animation: Access flipbook and storyboard options for creating diverse music videos.
  3. Scene Editor: Customize the lyrics, instruments, and video topics to your preference.
  4. Customization: Adjust aspect ratio, select generation models, upload images, and describe video style via text prompts.


  • Simplifies music video creation process through AI technology.
  • Versatile options for music sources (pre-made, uploaded, or recorded via the platform’s microphone).
  • Varied animation styles (flipbook and storyboard) for video creation.
  • Extensive customization options for video settings and generation models.
  • The scene editor feature enables the personalization of lyrics, instruments, and video topics.
  • Flexibility in adding images, text prompts, animation effects, and adjusting video attributes.


  • Potential learning curve due to numerous customization options.
  • Complexity in settings might overwhelm new users initially.


Plazmapunk provides three pricing models

  • Free: This includes all of the basic features at no cost.
  • Plazma Pioneer: This plan includes some addiotnal features billed at 4.99 €/per month.
  • Plazma Punk: This plan offers advanced features billed at 12€/per month.
Track Video Feature Image

Track Video is an advanced tool that enables you to create stunning music videos effortlessly. You can convert your music into captivating visuals by uploading your tracks and albums in various formats. You can select from various video resolutions customized for popular social media platforms. Thus ensuring your audience enjoys an optimal viewing experience. You can also access a diverse library of high-quality video backgrounds to find the perfect backdrop to complement your music.

The platform also allows you to customize design elements by adjusting sizes and colors. This helps to create unique visualizations that align with your artistic preferences. The cloud-based rendering feature efficiently renders your music videos, saving time and effort. Once you complete the creation process, you can download your video. Furthermore, you can share them seamlessly across social media platforms to captivate and engage your fan base.

Key Features

  1. Music Video Generation: Effortlessly transform your tracks into captivating visualizations.
  2. Customized Video Resolutions: Choose from a range of resolutions tailored for popular social media platforms.
  3. Video Backgrounds: Access a library of high-quality backgrounds to find the ideal match for your music.
  4. Customizable Design Elements: Adjust element sizes and colors to create personalized visualizations.
  5. Cloud-Based Rendering: Efficiently render music videos using cloud-based technology, saving time and effort.


  • Effortlessly transforms tracks into stunning visualizations.
  • Easy uploading of music and album artwork for video creation.
  • Customized video resolutions for optimal social media viewing.
  • Access to a diverse library of high-quality video backgrounds.
  • Customizable design elements for personalized visualizations.
  • Efficient cloud-based rendering saves time in video creation.
  • Easy download and seamless sharing across social media platforms.


  • May have a learning curve for complex customization options


Track Video starts at $1 per video minute, allowing you to design your video now and pay when you’re ready to render. Additionally, you can purchase more credits to save money.

Invideo AI Feature Image

Invideo AI is a web-based tool designed to create professional-quality videos from simple text inputs. Its main goal is to make the video creation process easy and straightforward. The platform can handle everything. It can generate scripts to add video clips, subtitles, background music, and transitions. You can tailor the video via selected audience and topic, ensuring it is entertaining and unique.

Invideo AI Studio stands out from other video creation tools because of its unique text-based editing capability. Users can enter prompts just as they would communicate with a human editor. This allows the AI to execute tasks such as deleting scenes, replacing media, or adjusting accents. 

It has a vast library of over 16 million stock photos and videos to find appropriate footage for your videos without manual selection. The tool also provides an AI YouTube script generator for creating tailored scripts. Also, it provides human-sounding AI speech in multiple languages, making the video more engaging.

It supports real-time multiplayer editing, making it easy for teams to collaborate on video projects. Invideo AI Studio is accessible through popular browsers. 

Key Features

  1. Text-to-Video: Generates professional-quality videos from simple text inputs
  2. Text-Based Editing: Allows users to input prompts for AI-driven tasks.
  3. AI YouTube Script Generator: Generates tailored scripts for videos, simplifying the scripting process.
  4. Voiceovers: Provides human-sounding AI speech in multiple languages for engaging video content.
  5. Real-Time Multiplayer Editing: Supports collaborative video editing for teams in real-time.
  6. Cross-Device Accessibility: Accessible through popular browsers. It caters to various devices from mobile to desktop for user convenience.


  • Simplifies video creation from text inputs.
  • Comprehensive video handling with script generation and various elements.
  • Customizable for specific audiences and topics.
  • Text-based editing streamlines tasks without a microphone or camera.
  • Vast library for automatic media selection.
  • AI-powered script generation and speech enhance video content.
  • Real-time collaboration feature for team editing.
  • Accessible across devices via popular browsers.


  • It may have a learning curve for new users.
  • Complexity in functionalities might overwhelm beginners initially.


Invideo AI offers three subscription model

  • Free: For anyone who wishes to try AI video creation
  • Plus: This plan includes some additional features for creators and musicians billed at $20/month per user. 
  • Max: For growing & established creators offering advanced features billed at $48/month per user.

Best Tools for Different User Types

Best for Beginners: Invideo AI

It is user-friendly and simplifies video creation from text inputs. Thus, catering to various video needs without requiring extensive editing skills.

Best for Musicians and Artists: Neural Frames

It allows for easy creation of captivating videos from text prompts. Hence, it is ideal for musicians and artists looking to create visually stunning videos for their music.

Best for Content Creators: Kaiber

Suited for content creators due to its versatility in creating visually stunning videos from text, videos, and music. Also, facilitates transforming videos into different styles, creating engaging content effortlessly.

Benefits of AI Music Video Generation

  • Automatic Video Creation: They analyze the beat, tempo, rhythm, and other elements to generate the visuals. 
  • Visual Elements and Animation: These AI generators use animation, motion graphics, text overlays, and more, making the music video more appealing. 
  • Ease of use: AI Music generators are designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Customization and Templates: The AI music video generators often provide a set of templates, styles, and themes for users to choose from. They also allow the user to customize the elements according to their liking. This flexibility enables the user to generate music videos in accordance with their preference and needs. 
  • Speed and Efficiency: AI music video generators automate the video creation process. This reduces the time and effort required compared to traditional video editing software.

Tips for Optimizing AI-Generated Music Videos

Here are some essential tips that can help enhance and refine captivating music videos using AI-driven tools.

  • Ensure high-quality audio input for better synchronization with AI-generated visuals.
  • Experiment with various AI-generated themes to find the best match for your music’s vibe.
  • Fine-tune AI settings for customized effects that complement your music style.
  • Use high-resolution visuals or images for clearer and more impactful video output.
  • Utilize diverse AI-generated effects to add creativity to your music videos.
  • Consider the emotional tone of your music while choosing visual elements and effects.
  • Customize text overlays or animations to highlight specific beats or lyrics in your music.
  • Optimize video length to maintain audience engagement and match the music’s pacing.
  • Experiment with different AI-generated transitions for smoother video flow and visual appeal.

Final Thoughts

AI-powered music video generators have revolutionized video content creation. They have simplified the process of making visually engaging videos. These tools offer a wide range of features that allow users to create captivating videos. Although each tool has its strengths and downsides, they simplify video creation.

To make the most of these tools, optimizing the AI-generated music videos is essential. This can be done by focusing on refining audio quality and experimenting with different themes and effects. Also, synchronization between the visuals and music must be ensured. 

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