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AI Coustics logo
June 10, 2024

AI Coustics

Transform ordinary audio into extraordinary studio-quality sound.

What is AI Coustics?

AI Coustics offers a complete solution to improve audio recordings. Whether you’re a content creator or a developer, it provides tools to boost your audio to studio quality.

For content creators such as podcasters, YouTubers, and digital content creators, the tool offers a user-friendly web application. Users can enhance their audio recordings in post-production without requiring any technical skills. By simply uploading their recordings to the web app, creators can effortlessly transform their audio quality, ensuring professional-grade sound for their audience.

For developers, AI Coustics provides an API and SDK for easy integration into different software or hardware solutions. This allows developers to include AI speech enhancement in their products, improving audio quality for superior customer experiences across various industries. The platform can be integrated into communication platforms, recording devices, or streaming services, enhancing audio clarity in real-time and on demand.

AI Coustics offers high-quality audio improvements through its Generative AI audio enhancer, ensuring unmatched speech clarity. This tool removes background noise, cancels out echo and room echoes, and filters unwanted distortions. It works with all languages and accents, catering to a diverse range of users worldwide.

AI Coustics provides a transformative solution for improving audio quality, making it accessible to both content creators and developers. Utilizing AI technology, it helps users achieve studio-quality audio recordings, significantly enhancing the listening experience for their audience.

Key Features

  • AI Chatbot:

    Get quick answers to any question by typing queries into the chat interface.

  • AI Characters:

    Engage in informative conversations on various topics, including education, careers, business, and lifestyle.

  • Content Generation:

    Create SEO-friendly paragraphs and articles for any topic or tool.

  • Story Generation:

    Create unique stories and exciting tales with AI help.

  • Text Paraphrasing:

    Reshape words, sentences, and entire texts to match preferred styles.

  • Text Summarization:

    Ease text with insightful summaries for efficient content consumption.

  • Translation:

    Translate messages into chosen languages with swift and precise translations.

  • Lyric Generation:

    Create original and captivating song lyrics tailored to preferred styles and moods.

  • Poem Generator:

    Write custom poems in seconds on any theme or style.

  • Title Generator:

    Generate attention-grabbing titles for content with a single click.

  • Grammar Checker:

    Swiftly correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in many languages.

  • Caption Generator:

    Create engaging captions for various social media platforms.

  • Comic Generation:

    Generate comics by simply describing characters, styles, and scenes without the need for drawing skills.

  • Styles Variation:

    Choose from many comic styles, including American, Japanese, Nihonga, and more, to give comics a unique look and feel.

  • Comic Layout:

    Select from various layouts for generated images and extra options for better customization.

  • Caption Generation:

    Improve comics with descriptive captions that add context to each panel.

  • Redraw Image:

    Start over and create a new version of the comic if unsatisfied with the initial result, ensuring creative flexibility.

  • Edit Prompt:

    Change or refine prompts to fine-tune the AI’s response and better match creative vision.

  • Web Application:

    It provides a user-friendly web application for content creators.

  • Integration:

    Developers can integrate AI speech enhancement into software or hardware solutions in real-time.

  • Audio Enhancement:

    AI audio enhancer gives unmatched speech clarity.

  • Background Noise Removal:

    Background noise removal filters out unwanted noise.

  • Echo Removal:

    It cancels out echo and room resonances.

  • Distortion Filtering:

    The tool filters technology to remove unwanted distortions from audio recordings.

  • Multilingual Support:

    It works with all languages and accents.

Plans Monthly Annually
Standard €10/mo €96/year
Premium €20/mo €192/year

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