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June 10, 2024


Upgrade your singing journey with personalized karaoke perfection.

What is X-Minus?

X-Minus is a vast collection of karaoke tracks. It offers a platform to improve your music experience. With this tool, you can modify your favorite songs to suit your vocal range and creative needs.

This tool can remove vocals from any song, creating a high-quality karaoke version. It uses AI technology to eliminate vocals from tracks, allowing you to sing along with professional backing music.

X-Minus empowers you to isolate vocals (acapella) from songs. It opens up the door to your own remixing and creative projects.

The tool offers an easy solution for moments when the key or tempo of a track doesn’t match your preferences. This tool enables you to adjust the pitch and tempo of any track and ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vocal abilities.

Key Features

  • Vocal Removal:

    Removes vocals from any song using advanced AI technology.

  • Vocal Isolation:

    Allows users to isolate vocals (acapella) from songs.

  • Pitch Control:

    This tool offers the ability to adjust the pitch of any track with ease.

  • Speed Control:

    It allows users to change the tempo of the track as well.

  • Playlist Creation:

    Users can create playlists, allowing seamless organization and playback of their favorite tracks.

  • Batch Processing:

    Process multiple songs simultaneously for increased efficiency.

  • Karaoke Library:

    It has a large and diverse collection of karaoke tracks.

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