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June 10, 2024


Where AI and musical magic unite for effortless, professional mixes.


Automix is an AI tool that helps users create professional, well-balanced music mixes with ease. It does not need a professional studio or complex plugins. This tool empowers users to release their music, knowing that it meets industry standards.

The users can take advantage of a mix preview feature to select tracks and create a balanced mix. Its intuitive interface allows users to add, delete, and preview individual tracks, such as bass, drums, synth, and vocals. This helps users to customize their mix according to their choices.

Automix offers a pricing structure that provides flexibility and value for users. It allows users to pay for what they download. Users can opt for the EP Bundle, which provides 5 credits at a reduced cost of $9.99 per download credit. They can also opt for the LP Bundle, which offers 10 credits at $9.49 per download credit.

The tool offers a Pro Subscription at $29.99 per month. It provides unlimited download credits along with mix report and track cleanup features. This ensures an easy and efficient music-mixing experience.

Automix gives a convenient and efficient way for music enthusiasts to create high-quality mixes with AI. Its user-friendly interface and pricing options offer flexibility and value.

Key Features

  • AI Mixing:

    Users can select tracks and create a mix preview.

  • Multitrack Mixing:

    Automix allows users to mix many tracks, such as bass, drums, synth, and vocals.

Plans Cost
Standard $9.49/mo
Premium $9.99/mo
Premium Plus $29.99/mo

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