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May 15, 2024



What is SongStarter by BrandLab?

SongStarter by BrandLab is an AI tool that helps users in the songwriting process. Users can create royalty-free music ideas across different genres. This includes Acoustic Pop, Ambient, Hip Hop, House, Latin, Lo-fi, Pop, Retrowave, RnB, and Trap. The tool helps users overcome creative blocks and find musical ideas to start their projects.

It can generate unlimited musical compositions fast. Users can choose from a selection of pre-made compositions like “Mouse Trap,” “Sad Hop Bot,” or “Chill Rabbit.” These compositions cover a wide range of musical styles and moods. It allows users to find something that resonates with their creative vision.

The tool also offers users the option to customize the vibe of their compositions. They can select from three different settings: Dawn, Dusk, or Night. Each setting alters the instrumentation and effects of the composition. This provides users with even more creative possibilities.

Once users have found a musical idea that inspires them, they can save it for later or open the MIDI in BrandLab’s Studio. This allows users to further refine and develop their ideas into full-fledged songs. Since the generated music is royalty-free, users can use it in their projects without worrying about copyright issues.

SongStarter integrates with BrandLab’s music creation tools, effects, mastering presets, and distribution services. This allows users to create, refine, and release their music all within the same place.

This tool is part of a larger ecosystem. It includes promotional tools, distribution services, fan engagement features, and opportunities for monetization. It means that users can not only create music but also promote it, connect with fans, and earn money from their work.

SongStarter is a valuable tool for musicians and songwriters looking to explore new musical ideas. It offers AI composition generation, customizable settings, and easy integration. The tool provides users with a complete solution for their songwriting needs.

Key Features

  • Music Generation:

    Users can generate royalty-free music ideas across many genres.

  • Customization:

    Craft unique sounds with free, diverse effects and presets to customize the generated music.

  • Sound Library:

    Get unlimited access to the latest royalty-free artist packs and samples to enhance the music creation process.

  • Studio Integration:

    Users can save generated music ideas or open the MIDI in BrandLab’s Studio.

  • Compositions:

    Users can choose from three unique compositions, “Mouse Trap,” “Sad Hop Bot,” or “Chill Rabbit.”

  • Community:

    BandLab community uses SongStarter in creative ways to spark inspiration and collaboration.

  • Promotional Tools:

    Promote music in seconds with customized ad campaigns and connect with fans.

  • Distribution Services:

    Release music on global streaming platforms beyond BandLab to reach a wider audience.

  • Fan Engagement:

    Connect with fans and get tips from listeners who want to support the artist’s work.

  • Album Generation:

    Compile, design, and publish albums on the go, keeping all earnings from sales.

  • Licensing:

    Start earning money from music by licensing tracks for commercial use.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $14.95/mo $149.5/year

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