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April 18, 2024

Gleen AI

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Elevate customer interactions with precise responses and versatile actions.

What is Gleen AI?

Gleen AI is a generative AI platform for customer success. It aims to offer industry-leading accuracy and actions beyond chat-based interactions. The tool provides accurate and relevant responses to improve customer satisfaction. It was developed with GPT-4, a generative AI/ML system.

This tool can go beyond chat by incorporating Gleen Action Bots. These bots can perform tasks for customers in AI conversations. They provide prompt and effective help. They are not for idle chit-chat.

The tool gathers information from various sources like help desk answers and product data sheets. Updating its knowledge makes it easy to grow company information with a single click.

Training this tool involves crawling many sources of company knowledge. After that, you can deploy it on support channels or integrate it with help desk solutions. To achieve continuous improvement, watch consumer feedback and address documentation inconsistencies.

Gleen AI has applications across many functions. These include customer success, sales, marketing, and IT help desks. This tool helps human resources, legal, strategic partnerships, vendor, and developer relations. It integrates with various customer success and customer experience (CS/CX) stack components.

Key Features

  • AI Chatbot:

    It uses AI to produce more natural and relevant responses than traditional chatbots.

  • Customer Service Chatbot:

    It resolves common customer questions and issues.

  • Knowledge Base Integration:

    It integrates with your existing knowledge base to provide accurate answers.

  • Data Customization:

    Allows for tailoring of the chatbot’s personality, tone, and branding.

  • Integration:

    It integrates with websites, messaging apps, social media, and helpdesk systems.

  • Lead Generation:

    It engages website visitors to grab leads and qualify prospects.

  • Data Security:

    Emphasizes protecting sensitive customer data and information.

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $1/conversation
Premium $1.20/conversation
Enterprise $1.50/conversation

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