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April 18, 2024


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Quivr, Your AI-Powered Digital Brain for Effortless Data Management and Retrieval.

What is Quivr?

Quivr is an open-source platform that is a chat-powered second brain. It offers users a unified search engine across all their documents, tools, and databases. The tool improves productivity and simplifies life. It provides users with advanced capabilities for information retrieval and knowledge discovery.

The tool provides integrations that allow users to connect with files, applications, APIs, and databases. This flexibility enables users to join and access their resources within the platform.

This platform allows users to customize their second brains for better search relevance and knowledge discovery. This includes selecting sources, AI models, and prompt instructions. The customization is specific to each company’s unique context.

Quivr is an AI-powered workplace search tool that syncs with users’ data. It acts as a personal assistant and helps users simplify tasks and decision-making processes. The tool can be used for enterprise communication, content generation, human resources, customer support, market research, and project management.

The platform has 30,000 users from 4,000 companies and engages with 26,000 developers. It is one of the top 100 open-source projects, evolving and expanding to meet user needs.

The tool has many features, such as public and private brains, interactive querying, customizable personalities, and content generation. You can create, customize, and share brains for specific purposes. It also helps you store information or interact with apps and promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Quivr has an intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities. Users can create an account and upload files, and they can ask questions to their personalized brains. The platform’s API-based brains extend its functionality. They enable automatic retrieval of information and dynamic responses to user queries.

Key Features

  • Search Engine:

    It provides a unified search engine across all documents, tools, and databases.

  • AI Chatbot:

    The platform enables advanced abilities for information retrieval and knowledge discovery.

  • Multilingual Support:

    It can engage in over 100 languages and instantly adapts to the user’s preferred language.

  • Chatbot Generation:

    Users can create new chatbots by uploading documents, files, videos, or URLs to create a unique chatbot.

  • Analytics:

    Users can access an analytics dashboard to view chat logs, credits used, unique users, and other insights.

  • API Integration:

    Users on specific tiers can access its API for integration with other applications.

  • Public & Private Brains:

    Users can create public and private brains and share them with others via email.

  • Document Brains:

    Users can store all kinds of documents in the tool’s document brains.

  • App Brains:

    Users can interact with all their favorite apps using Quivr’s app brains.

  • Data Customization:

    Users can customize their Quivr chatbots’ personalities by changing their brains’ prompts.

  • Content Generation:

    Its advanced AI can produce articles, blog posts, or any other content, infused with expertise and creativity.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $15/seat
Enterprise Custom

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