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April 5, 2024

Authors AI

Free + Paid Plans
Unlock the power of AI-driven tools to accelerate content creation. Empower writers with rapid, high-quality solutions for seamless productivity.

Key Features:

  • Content Generation:
    Utilize AI tools for effortless content creation, generating article outlines, paragraphs, and blog ideas with alternative wordings.
  • Grammar Checker:
    Analyze and enhance your writing with detailed insights, from sentence structure to potential language pitfalls.
  • Story and Plot Analysis:
    Visualize and compare your story’s structure, pacing, and elements with bestsellers, ensuring an engaging narrative.
  • Writing Improvement and Learning:
    Learn from bestselling authors, refine your style, and identify strengths and weaknesses in your work for continuous improvement.
  • Feedback:
    Receive honest critiques, check for explicit content, and distill best practices from popular fiction for improved storytelling.


Authors AI is a solution for writers to improve their novels and long-form fiction. It is powered by Marlowe, an advanced AI developed by Matthew Jockers, co-author of The Bestseller Code. Authors can get expert analysis of their manuscripts instantly. It saves them time and money while enhancing the quality of their writing.

Marlowe functions as a beta reader, developmental editor, and copy editor. It offers a comprehensive critique of novels in less than 15 minutes. The AI evaluates various aspects of the manuscript, including pacing, story beats, writing style, and more. This provides unbiased opinions based on its analysis of hundreds of bestselling novels.

Marlowe’s report includes comps that compare the manuscript’s subject matter and writing style to bestselling novels. This helps authors gain insights into how their work compares to successful titles in the same genre and identify areas for improvement.

The report generated by Marlowe covers the narrative arc, plot structure, character traits, pacing, and the usage of adverbs and adjectives. Each section includes structured tips on how authors can use the findings to strengthen their novels. This provides actionable insights for improvement.

Marlowe is fast and affordable and can provide a thorough critique in minutes, much cheaper than a human editor. Authors can use it for many report versions and at every stage of manuscript development.

Marlowe gives feedback on all genres. It’s unbiased and can analyze different aspects of storytelling. This makes it valuable for authors of various writing styles.

Pricing Table of Author AI

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Marlowe Basic Free
Marlowe Pro $29.95/mo $199/year
Single Report $45 – One time Payment

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