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April 6, 2024


Free + Paid Plans

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic empowers users in content creation, SEO optimization, and AI chatbot development. This all-in-one tool combines advanced AI capabilities with user-friendly features. It simplifies various aspects of content generation and optimization. It provides immense value to users across different industries.

The platform has AI content creation functionality. It generates high-quality, SEO-optimized articles tailored to users’ brand voices and objectives. It ensures that the generated content is factual and enriched with relevant information.

The tool integrates with Google and Knowledge Graph. It has built-in SEO optimization and competitor content analysis. It also helps users improve their search engine rankings and outperform competitors.

This tool also has Chatsonic, an AI conversation partner powered by GPT-4. It crafts content from various formats, such as PDFs, links, and videos. The tool provides over 1,000 sales, marketing, research, and PR prompts.

This platform also offers Botsonic, a no-code AI chatbot builder. With Botsonic, users can create personalized chatbots for your website. It provides data-driven customization, multilingual support, and privacy management features. Users improve customer interactions and provide a seamless brand experience.

Photosonic by Writesonic is an AI-powered tool that makes generating AI art effortless. Users can transform plain text input into lifelike visuals in seconds. They need to describe the image they want to generate, set the image orientation and the number of photos they want to create, and click the generate button. They will be presented with captivating images that they can use for various creative or practical purposes.

Users can write with the AI Chrome extension anywhere without switching between tabs. It offers AI tools for writing articles, generating chatbot responses, and optimizing landing pages. AI technology empowers users to grow their businesses, improve team performance, and succeed in the digital age.

Key Features

  • Content Generation

    Generate diverse content, from articles to landing pages, efficiently and effectively.

  • SEO Optimization

    Optimize content for search engines, improving online visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

  • Story Generation

    Create engaging and original narratives and stories tailored to your requirements.

  • Text Paraphrasing

    Rephrase text while retaining the original meaning, facilitating content development.

  • Text Summarization

    Condense lengthy text into concise summaries, aiding in comprehension and saving time.

  • AI Chatbot

    Enables users to engage in AI-powered conversations that sound natural.

  • Audio Generation

    Create audio content for various applications, enhancing your offerings.

  • Image Generation

    Generate images to complement your content and make it more visually appealing.

  • Multilingual Support

    Create content in multiple languages to reach a global audience effectively.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Chatsonic Pro $15/mo $12/mo
Individual $20/mo $16.67/mo
Team $30/mo $25/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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