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April 6, 2024


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Your ultimate AI content partner, crafting captivating and compelling content with the power of AI


Simplified is an all-in-one platform that transforms the creative process. It offers tools that simplify writing, design, editing, transcription, and social media management. Users can unleash their creativity and do tasks more efficiently than ever before.

Its AI Writer enables users to generate various content types with a few clicks. The AI Writer can create plagiarism-free content in seconds. It can generate multiple types of content, such as social media posts, product descriptions, and long-form articles. With over 80 AI templates, it can write in various languages and tones. This makes it easy for users to reach broader audiences and drive engagement.

The Copy AI Rewriter Tool helps improve writing instantly. It can be used for social media captions, marketing materials, or website content. It optimizes content for uniqueness and readability while maintaining the original meaning and intent.

Simplified offers Long Form Writer to users experiencing writer’s block. This tool simplifies the process of creating blogs, articles, and books. It includes tools like the article rewriter, sentence expander, and AI paragraph generator. These features help users overcome writer’s block and produce high-quality content quickly.

The tool has a social media management feature that allows real-time collaboration and organization. Users can integrate social media accounts, schedule posts, and customize designs from an intuitive dashboard. The features include the Social Inbox. Teams can manage messages, comments, and mentions across multiple platforms. This ensures timely engagement with their audience.

Simplified also offers an AI graphic design tool that helps users create stunning visuals. It provides thousands of templates and premium visual elements. Users can also add animation effects to their designs. The tool integrates with social media accounts, allowing users to schedule and publish their designs.

Key Features

  • E-Commerce Copywriting

    Craft compelling product descriptions to boost online sales and engage customers effectively.

  • Social Media Writing

    Create engaging content for various platforms, enhancing brand presence and user engagement.

  • Ad Copywriting

    Develop persuasive ad copy to drive conversions and attract your target audience effectively.

  • Content Generation

    Efficiently generate diverse content types, meeting various content needs for your business.

  • Copywriting Formulas

    Leverage proven frameworks for persuasive and impactful content creation, ensuring compelling messaging.

  • Chatbot

    Enhance user interactions and support with an AI-powered chatbot, streamlining communication.

  • Image Generation

    It allows users to generate impressive images, simplifying the creation of visual content.

  • Voice Cloning

    It allows users to create their unique AI voice clone using a few minutes of audio.

  • Subtitle Generation

    The tool generates captions for videos while translating them into multiple languages.

  • Image Editing

    It provides high-quality image enhancements, such as cropping, resizing, applying filters, and removing magic.

  • Video Generation

    Create captivating videos to convey your message and engage your audience visually.

(AI Writer) Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro $18/mo $11/mo
Business $49/mo $29/mo
(Video Editor) Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro $19/mo $11/mo
Business $49/mo $29/mo
(Social Media) Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro $30/mo $18/mo
Business $49/mo $29/mo
(Graphic Designer) Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro $15/mo $9/mo
Business $30/mo $18/mo

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