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Copy ai
June 10, 2024


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Transform your Words into Sales with Copy.ai’s AI-driven magic

What is Copy.AI?

Copy.ai automates tasks and simplifies go-to-market (GTM) processes for sales and marketing teams. It eliminates busy work and boosts efficiency. The tool offers AI-powered workflows that deliver immediate results while future-proofing GTM operations.

The GTM AI Platform empowers users to power their entire go-to-market strategy with AI. It offers pre-built workflows that provide instant value. This tool can also be customized in seconds without extensive technical expertise.

It focuses on delivering high-quality data and outputs, ensuring users can rely on accurate results. The platform’s flexibility allows it to be easily customized to suit the unique needs of any business. It has over 2,000 integrations, making setup quick and painless, and it easily integrates with existing systems. It also helps users optimize their GTM engine while minimizing change management efforts.

In marketing, Copy.ai serves as an AI Marketing OS. It enables users to set their strategy while the platform brings it to life with speed, quality, and in their brand voice. Famous use cases include content creation, demand generation, language translation, and system enrichment. The tool has over 200 more workflows to cover all the team’s needs.

The sales OS handles time-consuming and repetitive tasks so sellers can focus on selling. The main use cases include pipeline generation, deal management, operational support, and sales rep enablement.

This platform has a zero-retention data policy and ensures user privacy and data security. It works with every major Large Language Model (LLM). The tool does not keep user data for training purposes. This commitment to data privacy gives users peace of mind. It allows them to leverage the power of AI without compromising on security.

Copy.ai is an AI platform that helps sales and marketing teams. It optimizes go-to-market operations and boosts efficiency, enabling businesses to achieve full GTM velocity. The interface is user-friendly, and workflows are customizable. It adds tangible value to businesses, helping them supercharge their revenue engine and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Key Features

  • Marketing OS

    It is an AI marketing operating system that allows users to set and execute their marketing strategy.

  • Sales OS

    The AI Sales Operating System enables users to automate time-consuming tasks and empower sales representatives to focus on selling.

  • Template Library

    It offers a variety of workflow templates covering different marketing and sales use cases.

  • Prompt Library

    The platform includes an AI Prompt Library that provides users with diverse prompts for generating content.

  • API Integration

    The platform offers an API that allows for seamless integration and customization.

  • Content Generation

    It offers a user-friendly interface with templates and generative AI tools for various content formats.

  • Copywriting

    Users can define the content type and tone to get the desired results.

  • Content Editing

    Edit and format the generated content within the tool itself.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Gain insights from competitor content to inform your strategy.

  • Go-to-Market Automation

    It automates content creation, prospecting, and CRM enrichment to simplify the go-to-market process.

  • Multilingual Support

    The platform generates content in multiple languages.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro $49/mo $36/mo
Team $249/mo $186/mo

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