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April 18, 2024

Compose AI

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Elevate your writing and work like a pro with Compose AI-Your Ultimate Writing Companion

What is Compose AI?

Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that simplifies writing and saves time. It uses AI to offer autocompletion, text generation, and email composition.

One of its key features is the intelligent autocomplete. The tool suggests relevant words and phrases as you type. This reduces the need for manual typing and boosts the writing speed. It helps overcome writer’s block by offering ideas for stories, blog posts, research topics, and more.

By simply typing “//,” the user can prompt the AI to generate creative content based on their choices. For existing text, this tool provides rephrasing suggestions. Users can highlight any sentence or phrase, and the AI will offer alternative ways to express the same idea. This helps them refine their writing style and maintain clarity.

Also, Compose AI tackles email communication. Users can dictate full emails from just a few keywords. This stops the need for lengthy compositions. It even generates professional replies to existing emails, referencing the original message.

Beyond email, the tool integrates with various tools and platforms. These include Google Docs, Gmail, and popular project management applications. This allows you to use its features across different workspaces.

The tool personalizes its suggestions based on the user’s writing style. It easily adapts to different writing contexts. It offers suggestions to fit users’ needs for drafting an email, a quick message, or writing a long essay. The tool also learns your common phrases and preferences over time. It always improves its personalization and provides more relevant suggestions.

Compose AI aims to become your personal writing assistant. It automates repetitive tasks and frees users to focus on the main parts of their writing. It helps them to write faster by offering many different features. Users can overcome creative roadblocks and refine their writing style. The tool adds value by simplifying your workflow and improving your written communication.

Key Features:

  • E-Commerce Copywriting

    Optimize product descriptions and content effectively.

  • Email Copywriting

    Craft compelling email messages for communication.

  • Social Media Writing

    Create engaging posts across platforms.

  • Text Paraphrasing

    Enhance text clarity and readability with ease.

  • Autocomplete

    Compose AI suggests words and phrases in real-time, assisting you in finding the most suitable vocabulary and improving the fluidity of your writing.

  • Shortcuts

    Use quick commands like “/email” or “/list” to start specific functionalities.

  • Email Prompts

    Get suggestions based on the recipient and subject.

  • Content Generation

    With some limitations, it can assist with drafting blog posts, articles, and other text-heavy formats.

  • Synonym Suggestions

    Highlight a word and choose from synonyms offered by the tool to improve your vocabulary and sentence flow.

  • Tone Adjustment

    Shift the tone of your writing between casual and formal, depending on your audience.

  • Chrome Extension

    Available as a Chrome Extension for easy integration into your web browser.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Basic Free
Premium $14.99/mo $44.99/mo
Ultimate $9.99/mo $29.99/mo

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