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Copymatic is an AI-powered tool designed for streamlined content creation. Users can generate unique and engaging content with it, including social media ads, blog posts, and website copy. Using this tool is straightforward. First, select the writing tool that fits your needs. Then, provide detailed information to guide the AI in creating your content. And let Copymatic’s AI generate content that is unique and human-like. It can transform brief descriptions into extensive articles, perfect for SEO-optimized blog content with Long-Form AI Content Writer.

Copymatic is versatile, covering various content needs, including social media ads, blog articles, website copy, and eCommerce product descriptions. Powered by the GPT-3 AI model, It produces natural and creative content. Users can customize their creativity level and tone of voice to match their business style. It’s also optimized for conversions and offers grammar-checking and rewriting capabilities.

Key Features: 

  • E-Commerce Copywriting:
    Craft persuasive product descriptions tailored for online stores, driving customer engagement and sales.
  • Social Media Writing:
    Develop captivating and shareable content for various social media platforms, effectively connecting with your audience. 
  • Ad Copywriting:
    Create compelling advertising copy, driving customer interest and conversions in a competitive market.
  • Content Generation:
    Produce diverse content, including blogs, product descriptions, and more, efficiently meeting your content needs.
  • Copywriting Formulas:
    Apply established frameworks for writing, enhancing your ability to create persuasive and impactful content.
  • SEO Feature:
    Optimize your content to rank higher in search engines, improving online visibility and driving organic traffic.
  • Story Generation:
    Generate narrative content, enabling you to convey messages and ideas effectively through compelling storytelling.
  • Text Summarization:
    Efficiently condense content, highlighting crucial information while simplifying complex subjects for better comprehension.
  • Grammar Checker:
    Enhance text quality by identifying and correcting grammar and spelling errors, ensuring polished writing.
  • Image Generation:
    Produce visual elements to complement your content, enhancing engagement and understanding with graphics and illustrations.
  • Sentiment Analysis:
    Users can adjust their creativity level and tone of voice to align the generated content with their brand’s style and preferences.


    • Blog Post Writing:
      Ideation and Outline Creation: Generate blog post ideas and outline structures to kickstart your writing process.

Content Generation: Produce well-structured and informative blog posts on various topics and industries.

Content Optimization: Optimize blog posts for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases.

  • Social Media Content Creation:
    Captions and Engagements: Craft captivating social media captions that spark conversations and boost engagement.


Social Media Ad Content: Develop compelling social media ad copy that drives conversions and sales.

Social Media Post Ideas: Generate creative social media post ideas to keep your audience engaged.

  • Website Content Development:
    Landing Page Copy: Create persuasive landing page copy that converts visitors into customers.


Product Descriptions: Craft engaging product descriptions that highlight key features and benefits.

Website Copy and About Us Pages: Develop compelling website copy and About Us pages that showcase your brand and values.

  • Marketing Material Creation:
    Email Marketing: Generate effective email subject lines and engaging email content for marketing campaigns.


Marketing Copy: Create persuasive marketing copy for brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials.

Video Script Writing: Develop engaging video scripts that capture attention and convey your message effectively.

  • Content Rephrasing and Summarization:
    Content Rewriting: Rephrase existing content to enhance its readability, clarity, and originality.


Text Summarization: Summarize lengthy texts into concise, informative summaries for quick comprehension.

Sentence Rewriting: Rephrase individual sentences to improve their structure, flow, and impact.

Pros & cons


  • Generate content in various formats.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • A comprehensive suite of tools for diverse content needs.
  • Affordable pricing options.
  • Integrates grammar and plagiarism checks.


  • Lack of factual accuracy of generated content.
  • Limited customization options may restrict specific content requirements.


  • Pro: Starts at $29 per month.
  1. 1 user seats
  2. Unlimited words
  3. Unlimited chat access
  4. Access to all tools
  5. Unlimited projects
  6. 25+ languages
  7. Plagiarism checker


  • Team: Starts at $49 per month.
  1. 5 user seats
  2. Unlimited words
  3. Unlimited chat access
  4. Access to all tools
  5. Unlimited projects
  6. 25+ languages
  7. Plagiarism checker


  • Enterprise: Starts at $99 per month.
  1. 25 user seats
  2. Unlimited words
  3. Unlimited chat access
  4. Access to all tools
  5. Unlimited projects
  6. 25+ languages
  7. Plagiarism checker


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.1 What languages does Copymatic support?

Copymatic currently supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

Q.2 Who owns the content I generate with Copymatic?

You own the copyright to the content you generate with Copymatic.

Q.3 Is the generated content by Copymatic original?

Copymatic generates original content, but reviewing the content for accuracy and originality is always a good idea.

Q.4 How long does it take to write an article with Copymatic?

It takes a few minutes to generate an article with Copymatic.


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