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Plot Factory
May 2, 2024

Plot Factory

Your collaborative writing haven where stories come to life.

What is Plot Factory?

Plot Factory is an accessible and user-friendly online collaborative story planner. It helps writers plan, organize, and write their stories and fictional universes. This tool allows users to work from any device, including mobile phones.

Writers can create universes, design rich characters, and write unique stories using its manuscript editor. The platform supports both planning and writing. It provides a complete solution for organizing complex projects and creating high-quality stories.

Its mobile-friendly design allows users to write from anywhere at any time. The tool includes a Writing Stats Tracker to track daily, weekly, and monthly word stats. It helps writers set goals and visualize their progress.

This tool allows you to narrate stories aloud. It also offers collaborative writing like Google Docs. There are character sheets for quick development and ePub exports for self-publishing or querying.

The tool supports a narration generator with life-like voices, English accents, and female voices. This brings their stories to life in a unique way. Writers can plan their stories, write faster, and organize their thoughts. This results in effective narratives that resonate with readers.

The online editor feature includes character lists, a universe notebook, and plot helper outlines. The tool has a placekeeper for important scenery descriptions. It makes the sharing of links for easy collaboration, chapter and scene divisions, writing statistics, and notes. It also has auto-save functionality and various export options. This tool has a name generator, character avatars, and discussion forums. It also offers object creation, better scene organizing, and dark mode for a comfortable writing experience. Plot Factory also provides a feature for story planning outlines.

Key Features:

  • Idea Generation :
    The idea generator provides story concepts based on your chosen genre, character traits, and other criteria.
  • Story Generation :
    Let the AI suggest scene ideas, plot points, and character arcs to build a solid foundation for your narrative.
  • AI Scene Writer :
    Generate detailed descriptions and dialogue based on your brief prompts and desired mood.
  • Character Generation :
    Develop your characters’ personalities, backstories, and motivations through prompts.
  • Digital Locker :
    Store characters, settings, scenes, notes, and research materials in one place.
  • Outline View :
    Visualize your entire story structure with a drag-and-drop outline that allows you to rearrange scenes and chapters.
  • Story :
    Set daily writing goals and track your progress to stay motivated and on track.
  • Thesaurus Lookup:
    Find the perfect word to express your meaning with an integrated thesaurus tool
  • Automated Backups:
    Rest assured, your work is always recovered with automatic backups.

Pricing Table of Plot Factory

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Basic Free $16/mo
Hobbyist $9/mo $90/year
Enthusiast $14/mo $140/year
Novelist $19/mo $190/year

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