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April 18, 2024


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Elevate Your Content Creation Experience with Moonbeam’s Seamless AI Assistance.

What is Moonbeam AI ?

Moonbeam is an AI writing assistant for crafting long-form content such as essays, articles, blogs, proposals, and speeches. The tool helps with writing tasks and offers different features to simplify the process. It also improves creativity by making writing easier.

The Wizard tool transforms users’ scattered notes into a cohesive outline. Users can also prompt Luna, the AI behind this tool, with a single phrase to generate a well-written first draft. This saves users time and effort and allows them to focus on developing their ideas.

Its Smart Chat provides real-time feedback on documents and offers precision editing capabilities. Users can refine their text and generate captivating posts from the chat content. They can also leverage pre-defined prompts for faster content creation.

The Content Cluster feature enables users to generate comprehensive content clusters around a prompt or keyword. This feature creates content ideas and simplifies the post-creation process. This ensures the best quality content crafted with the cutting-edge capabilities of GPT-4.

Moonbeam has an advanced text editor with many editing options. It also has Boss Mode for complete content transformation, rich media integration, and public draft sharing. Its Collaboration Mode is like Google Docs. It provides seamless team collaboration on AI-generated content.

Moonbeam has a Custom Style Generator that lets users write like famous authors, comedians, or politicians. Users can choose any style they want. This helps users experiment with different writing styles and improves the writing experience.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Copywriting

    Craft engaging and compelling content for various social media platforms, captivating your audience effectively.

  • Content Generation

    Creates long-form pieces like blogs, essays, and academic articles, and tech docs, presentations, and more.

  • AI Chatbot

    Enables users to engage in AI-powered conversations that sound natural.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro $49/mo $21/mo
Team $99/mo/seat

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