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May 2, 2024


Your tireless AI writing companion, creating 14,000 unique pieces of prose daily.

What is Sudowrite?

Sudowrite is an AI writing partner that helps writers throughout their creative process. This tool offers a range of features to improve and simplify writing. This ensures users can overcome common challenges and produce quality content.

The Describe feature helps users create vivid descriptions. This engages readers without compromising the story’s flow. This tool allows writers to build immersive narratives that resonate with their audience. It adds depth to the characters and settings.

Write, its autocomplete function, helps users when words are hard to come by. It analyzes characters, tone, and plot arc, generating the next 300 words in the user’s voice. This feature is a valuable resource, especially when facing writer’s block.

The Eexpand feature handles pacing issues by expanding scenes. It maintains a balanced flow within the story. The tool offers a flexible rewriting feature to revise and refine content based on user directions.

It also provides a collaborative and non-judgmental environment for users seeking feedback. This tool offers constructive suggestions, highlighting three actionable areas for improvement. It operates efficiently, adjusting many drafts without complaint.

Sudowrite’s Brainstorm feature serves as an idea generator. It offers infinite suggestions for names, magic items, or titles. Users can refine their preferences, and the tool learns to provide even better suggestions over time.

Visualize brings characters and worldbuilding to life by generating art from descriptions. This helps users conceptualize their narratives visually. The writing app has dark modes and full-screen focus mode. It also has organized project structures for a comfortable environment.

The tool operates on advanced GPT-3 and GPT-4 models. It uses 175+ billion parameters to generate 14,000 unique pieces of prose daily. Its method ensures originality by generating text word by word, making it unlikely to choose the exact words

Key Features:

  • Story Generation :
    This is your AI writing assistant, generating prose that matches your voice and writing style.
  • Idea Generation :
    Combat writer’s block with AI-powered plot prompts, twists, and conflicts based on your chosen genre and setting.
  • Grammar Checker :
    Ensure your writing is polished with its integrated grammar and spell check.
  • Templates Library :
    Get started quickly with pre-designed templates for different genres and story types
  • Character Generation :
    Generate detailed character profiles with personalities, appearances, backstories, and motivations.
  • Story Worldbuilder :
    Craft unique and immersive worlds with geography, cultures, technologies, and magic systems.
  • Metaphor Finder :
    Breathe life into your writing with creative and fitting metaphors inspired by your scene description.
  • Story Planner :
    This visual story planner helps you map plot points, character arcs, and themes.
  • Text Expander :
    Highlight what you want to expand, and it will generate extra details, descriptions, and dialogue.
  • Voice and Tone Control :
    Fine-tune the AI’s writing voice to match your unique style and tone.
  • Collaboration :
    Share your projects with beta readers or co-writers and receive feedback.
  • Split Screen :
    Keep your draft and research materials side-by-side for efficient writing.

Pricing Table of Sudowrite

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Hobby & Student $19/mo $10/mo
Professional $29/mo $22/mo
Max $59/mo $44/mo

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