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June 10, 2024


Convert videos into 3D models with AI-powered modeling magic.

What is 3Dpresso?

3Dpresso facilitates the creation of 3D models by artists. By recording a one to two minute video of an object and uploading it to the platform, users can generate 3D models. The tool then extracts the 3D model from the video. This allows users to download the model in formats like *.glb.

By applying Generative AI prompts, the tool can alter the 3D model’s texture using language. This function gives the modeling process an artistic touch. Users get email notifications when their 3D models are ready for download from the platform. It is done within 30 minutes, though delays can occur based on video quality.

Depending on the pricing tier, subscribers can use their 3D models commercially. The tool allows users to easily terminate their memberships at any moment and without incurring further fees.

3Dpresso simplifies the 3D modeling process for creators. It provides a suitable and user-friendly platform for generating and customizing 3D models from video captures.

Key Features

  • 3D Model:

    The AI tool extracts the 3D model from the video, simplifying the modeling process.

  • Customization:

    3Dpresso allows users to change the texture of the 3D model using text via Generative AI prompts.

  • Email Notifications:

    Users receive email notifications alerting them when the modeling process is completed.

Plans Monthly Annually
Standard $12/mo $10/mo
Premium $28/mo $19/mo

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