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April 10, 2024



What is Getfloorplan?

Getfloorplan provides an all-in-one visual marketing solution for real estate sales. It includes 2D floor plans, 3D renderings, and 360° virtual tours. The user-friendly tool allows for easy uploading of floor plans and sketches. It uses AI for efficient 3D interior design creation.

Clients can choose different interior styles for each room, adding a personal touch to the marketing materials. AI-powered automation makes generating 3D interior designs faster and more efficient.

The tool combines 2D and 3D plans with 360° tours to increase real estate sales by 30%. Clients can also have a human quality check for their real estate marketing materials.

It is an efficient tool for real estate professionals to create compelling visual marketing materials. It helps attract clients and increase sales potential in the competitive real estate market.

Key Features:

  • Visual Bundle

    Provides a complete package of basic 2D floor plans and vibrant 3D full-color renderings.

  • Automation

    Uses AI to automate the creation of 3D interior designs.

  • Virtual Staging

    The tool promises immersive 360° virtual tours within 24 hours.

  • Floor Planning

    Upload a sketch or image of your existing floor plan, and the AI will generate a high-quality 2D and 3D model.

  • Multiple Property Formats

    Supports various property types like apartments, houses, offices, and commercial spaces.

  • Collaboration

    Share your projects with team members and clients for feedback and modifications.

  • API Integration

    Integrate the tool with your existing real estate software for a seamless workflow.

Plans Monthly Cost
Standard $20
Premium $35
Premium Plus $45

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