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April 10, 2024

Spacely AI

Free + Paid Plans
Transforming Ideas into Stunning Reality with Precision and Speed.

What is Spacely AI?

Spacely AI is a fast and affordable interior design assistant. It helps users explore designs with precision and creativity. It can quickly render images in 10 seconds, saving time and improving productivity.

This tool makes designing easy with its many features. Users can turn sketches, pictures, and 3D models into real images with the tool’s rendering ability. The object detection feature helps customize various elements for precision design.

Spacely AI allows complete control over lighting and material inputs. This helps to achieve personalized aesthetics for floors, walls, and ceilings. The integration with plugins simplifies intricate design tasks. This makes the design process more efficient for bringing clients’ expected spaces to life.

Key Features:

  • Photorealistic Visuals

    The tool changes sketches, pictures, and 3D models into realistic, high-quality renderings.

  • Virtual Staging

    It provides users precise control over furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings.

  • Object Detection

    It identifies and customizes different details within generated images.

  • Lighting Editor

    The tool offers complete control over the lighting in designs.

  • Integration

    It simplifies the design process through easy integration with plugins.

  • Image Upload

    This tool allows users to upload style references and inspiring design concepts.

  • Style Transfer

    Apply any style inspiration, from artwork to photographs, to your design.

  • Image Upscaling

    Upscale the resolution of your images for crisp and clear visualizations.

  • View Extender

    Expand your space in the renderings, offering new perspectives and design possibilities.

  • Fengshui Analysis

    Analyze your space based on traditional Fengshui principles for holistic design suggestions.

  • Text-to-Image

    Transform your verbal descriptions into vivid design concepts.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $39/mo $399/year
Team Custom
Enterprise Custom

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