Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • AI Code Generator:
    AI Code Generator for custom code snippets.
  • WordPress Expertise:
    Modes for PHP, JS, WooCommerce, and popular plugins.
  • Multilingual:
    Multilingual support for global accessibility.


CodeWP is an AI code generator designed for WordPress users. It offers PHP, JS, WooCommerce, and plugin-specific modes. This tool eliminates the need for costly developers and time-consuming StackOverflow searches. By prompting CodeWP, users can create code snippets tailored to their WordPress needs. This simplifies their workflow. It offers solutions for various WordPress tasks. Like optimizing WP_Queries, generating different functions, hooking into WooCommerce filters, and creating intricate workflows based on ACF values. Say goodbye to frustrating trial-and-error processes, broken websites, or endless searches for solutions. It serves as a non-developer mentor and a powerful assistant for seasoned developers. With CodeWP, users can save, export, and share generated snippets. The tool supports many languages and constantly improves through its WordPress and WooCommerce training. With plans to incorporate popular plugins like Elementor and Learndash in the future. It’s a reliable AI companion for WordPress enthusiasts seeking effective code generation.


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