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April 16, 2024


Plan starts with $25/mo
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Elevate Your AI Efficiency with Open-Source Monitoring.

What is Helicone?

Helicone is an open-source platform designed to simplify building AI applications. It is developed by experienced developers for developers. The tool offers a lightweight yet powerful solution for working with Generative AI. It provides everything developers need to build, deploy, and scale their AI applications.

Its comprehensive monitoring tools allow users to understand how their applications are performing. Through dashboards, logs, alerts, and user insights, developers can gain valuable insights into the performance and behavior of their AI models in real time.

The platform has a gateway with caching, rate limiting, prompt detection, and a key vault. It provides enhanced security and efficiency for AI applications. Developers can collect, normalize, and transform data using the tool’s data collection tools. This enables seamless integration with different data providers and models.

Helicone provides fine-tuning features to enhance AI models and lower costs. It also offers evaluation tools for model assessments and prompt testing. This helps developers ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their AI applications.

The software has a customer portal feature that lets users share dashboards and insights with their customers. It supports white-labeling, so developers can customize the branding of their applications for a personalized user experience.

This tool is easy to integrate and supports any model from any provider. Developers can change the base URL to point to the tool in simple steps. It can log millions of requests per second without impacting latency. Async packages are available for all major languages and also support on-prem deployments.

Helicone is an open-source platform that believes in community and transparency. It offers flexible and reliable deployment options. Developers across different industries can use it to add AI to their applications. This tool provides customer portals, fine-tuning, data segmentation, and debugging.

Key Features

  • Analytics: It offers vast monitoring tools to help users understand how their AI applications are performing.

  • Data Collection: It allows users to collect, normalize, and transform data from various sources.

  • Fine-Tuning: Users can fine-tune their AI models on their datasets to improve quality while reducing costs.

  • White Labeling: The platform allows developers to customize the branding of their applications for a personalized user experience.

  • API Integration: The tool provides a GraphQL API for data retrieval and manipulation.

  • Cloud Deployments: It offers both cloud-hosted and on-premises deployments.

  • Package Management: The platform offers async packages for all major programming languages.

  • Data Security: It includes features like key vault and secure data handling to ensure the security of AI applications and data.

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $80/mo
Enterprise Custom

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