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April 14, 2024


Free, Paid
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Simplifying Social Media Video Creation with AI Brilliance.

What is Syllaby?

Syllaby is an AI tool that simplifies the creation of social media videos. You can easily generate ideas, schedule content, create outlines and scripts, and even produce avatar-based videos. You can also choose your preferred style, tone, and script length and generate a script that meets your requirements.

This tool offers a structured workflow customized for different industries. Plus, features like an organizational content calendar and in-tool tutorials make video marketing more accessible and efficient.

The tool suits businesses, marketers, sales agents, content creators, and professionals who want to create and run successful social-media video marketing campaigns. You can export the videos in different formats and share them directly to social media platforms or with a shareable link.

Key Features

  • Video Generation:

    Simplifies social media video creation, offering a seamless process from idea generation to video production.

  • Script Generation:

    Choose your preferred style, tone, and script length, allowing for personalized video content.

  • Translation:

    It supports content creation in many different languages.

  • Analytics:

    It helps users make informed decisions and optimize their content strategy.

  • Content Scheduling:

    Schedule your video content easily, ensuring a consistent and organized presence on social media platforms.

  • AI Avatars:

    Produce engaging avatar-based videos that add a dynamic and personalized touch.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Basic $49/mo $529/year
Standard $89/mo $961/year
Premium $149/mo $1609/year

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