Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Cloud Platform:
    Quivr is a cloud-based tool enhanced by AI, designed to function as your digital second brain.
  • Data Management:
    Easily store and manage various forms of unstructured data, including text, images, and code snippets.
  • Chatbot:
    Engage with your stored data using a chatbot feature, enhancing your interaction with your digital brain.


Quivr is a cloud-based AI-powered tool that works as a second brain. It can easily store and manage unstructured data, including text, images, code snippets, etc. Quivr enables users to access their data and retrieve information quickly. You can input data by typing text, uploading files, or inserting URLs and retrieving them in seconds. Quivr also has a chatbot feature that lets you talk to your brains. You can customize your chat experience by selecting your preferred brain and choosing from two AI models. You can even choose a specific prompt like Albert Einstein or Elon Musk, and Quivr will answer questions as if they were coming from your chosen prompt. Additionally, you can view or delete stored data used by your brain. The tool is easy to use and helps improve productivity by storing information and making it easily accessible whenever you need it.


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