Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Code Translation:
    Translates natural language into executable R code
  • Multilingual:
    Chat with your data in multiple human languages
  • Data Analysis:
    Analyze data using plain English queries
  • Record-Keeping:
    Log and reproduce analysis for record-keeping


RTutor is an AI-based application designed to bridge the gap between data analysis and natural language. Using OpenAI’s language model, it translates everyday language into R code. The R code is then executed for analysis. Users can interact with their data by uploading data files such as CSV, TSV, or Excel. Simply by asking questions or requesting analyses in plain English. The application generates R code tailored to the user’s queries. This results in visual aids and numeric outcomes. It helps answer questions and provide insights. The system logs requests, allowing for record-keeping and reproducibility of analyses. RTutor offers the translation of human language into code. This enables non-programmers to engage in data analysis. The code is a starting point, but refinement is necessary for valid results. RTutor operates on OpenAI’s cost-per-session pricing model and has a monthly usage limit. Regular users are encouraged to use their API key for continuous access.


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