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May 4, 2024


Step into a world of endless storytelling possibilities with DreamTavern.

What is DreamTavern?

DreamTavern is a platform that facilitates open-ended conversations and unique storytelling experiences. Users can engage in chats and take part in choose-your-own-adventure storytelling. They can also engage themselves in various narratives.

Users have the freedom to converse with their favorite role models. They can explore fan fiction as the protagonist or engage in casual conversations.

The platform has several key features to enhance user experience. It offers an easy chat interface that transitions between chat and storytelling modes. It supports open-source models popular for role-playing, such as MythoMax-L2-13b and Xwin-LM-70B-V0.1.

This tool also includes a long-term memory using vector databases and proprietary algorithms. This ensures that the characters do not forget user messages by default.

DreamTavern also provides a powerful customization engine. It allows users to create complex characters with intricate details. It also improves the world where these characters live through scenarios, personas, and other settings.

Users can even control the AI by customizing the prompt template, offering a personalized chat experience. Users can share their configurations as presets or experiences. This enables others to enjoy optimized chat interactions.

The platform’s desktop—and mobile-friendly UI ensures accessibility across devices. It caters to users’ preferences and convenience. Understand language models for easy decision-making when creating or editing experiences.

DreamTavern’s text generation is powered by a large language model (LLM). It generates human-like text by predicting the next word in a sentence using statistical probabilities. It provides access to state-of-the-art LLMs developed by independent developers or private companies like OpenAI.

The AI generates text step-by-step, starting with a prompt and predicting the next word based on context. LLMs generate coherent and relevant text by leveraging context. DreamTavern allows users to create immersive storytelling experiences.

Key Features

  • Character Creation:

    Craft intricate characters with detailed descriptions and backstories.

  • Persona Customization:

    Define your characters’ personalities, motivations, and desires.

  • World Building:

    Flesh out the setting of your stories with rich lore and details.

  • Situation Design:

    Design specific situations and encounters for your characters to navigate.

  • Prompt Templates:

    Customize the starting point of your conversations and stories.

  • RizzChat Plugins:

    Fine-tune the AI’s behavior for personalized interactions.

  • Collaboration:

    Save and share your configurations for others to enjoy.

  • AI Chatbot:

    Engage in open-ended conversations with characters you create or AI models.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $9.99/mo

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