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June 10, 2024


Unlock productivity and streamline tasks with your versatile virtual teammate for smarter workflows.

What is Walles.AI Assistant?

Walles.AI Assistant is a free AI tool that improves productivity and eases various tasks through its many features. Its abilities make it an ultra-capable teammate for users seeking efficient help.

Its Vision support enables users to interact with images. Users can engage in chat conversations with images. They can extract text from images and solve math problems embedded within them. This improves accessibility and convenience. It helps users to use visual content for communication and problem-solving purposes.

Walles.AI integrates with Notion, a popular productivity platform. It provides users with better flexibility in organizing and managing information. Users can export chat history and memos to Notion. This ensures that important conversations and insights are preserved and accessible.

This platform further extends its functionality by offering web page reading abilities. Users can absorb information from YouTube videos, PDF documents, and web pages. Any text on a webpage can be selected by users, who can then ask it to translate, explain, or paraphrase it.

Moreover, this tool serves as an intelligent conversational partner. It is accessible through an intuitive sidebar interface. It engages users in chat conversations, providing insights, answers, and help on many topics. It offers users a reliable and versatile virtual assistant.

For users seeking to save time and get quick summaries of YouTube videos, Walles.AI offers a convenient solution. Users can generate video summaries. It allows them to get key insights and outlines without the need to invest extra time in watching the entire video.

Key Features

  • AI Chatbot:

    Engage in natural language conversations on any topic.

  • Text Summarization:

    Select any text online, and it will provide a concise summary and explanation.

  • Translation:

    Translate text between many languages instantly, removing language barriers.

  • Text Paraphraser:

    Generate different versions of the same text with different styles and tones.

  • Content Generation:

    Write high-quality articles on any topic with its assistance.

  • Content Editing:

    Get suggestions for improving your writing style, grammar, and clarity.

  • Chat with Images:

    Extract text from images, solve math problems in images, and have a more interactive experience.

  • Video Summarization:

    Get a quick summary of YouTube videos without watching the entire video.

  • Integration:

    Export your chats and memos to Notion, keeping your information organized and accessible.

  • Chrome Extension:

    Access Walles AI functionality from your Chrome browser with a convenient extension.

  • Collaboration:

    It facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $9.9/mo $8.3/mo

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