Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Image Editing:
    Use image editing tools to remove distractions and enhance your virtual presence.
  • Image Generation:
    Unlock unlimited AI-generated art possibilities, allowing users to explore unique and creative visuals.
  • Background Removal:
    Easily remove background from both video and images.
  • Photo Enhancer:
    Offers a feature to Enhance your photos by increasing their quality and making them clearer.
  • API Integration:
    Allows developers to integrate best-in-class AI into applications with a few lines of codes.


Cutout.Pro is a visual design platform. It uses the abilities of AI to offer a collection of tools for individual users and businesses. This versatile platform enhances efficiency and creativity in various applications and workflows. Users can remove unwanted elements from photos and videos. This includes people, objects, imperfections, and even video backgrounds, with the help of  AI Removal and Cutout Tools. The tool also excels in facial and hair segmentation for humans and pets. This provides fine detail preservation. Its AI Generation capabilities extend to AI art generation and background diffusion for photos. Additionally, the platform offers tools for enhancing photo resolution and video quality. It turns photos into moving videos, colorizes black-and-white images, and transforms portraits into cartoon selfies. Cutout.Pro enables e-commerce image creation, professional passport and ID photo making, old photo restoration, customized printing, and video background manipulation. Developers can also integrate its AI APIs into their applications for efficient media processing.


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