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June 10, 2024

Magic Eraser

Free + Paid Plans
Remove unwanted elements from images and enhance visuals in seconds.
Magic Eraser Feature Image

Key Features:

  • Image Editing:
    This tool supports editing up to 50 pictures at once.
  • Image Generation:
    Create images from text using AI in seconds and try multiple variations instantly.
  • Background Removal:
    Remove backgrounds and download with or without a coloured background.
  • Image Upscaler:
    Upscale and enlarge any image upto 4K without losing quality.


Magic Eraser is an online tool that simplifies removing unwanted elements from your photos. The tool works in three simple steps: upload your image, mark the areas you want to remove, and then download the edited picture. All this without the hassle of signing up or any cost. This tool allows you to edit up to 50 images at once, making it a time-saving solution for bulk photo editing. Whether you’re in the real estate business, working on photography projects, or looking to enhance your fashion or social media images, this tool meets your needs. Real estate professionals can use it to remove distractions and improve property photographs, making listings more attractive to potential buyers. Photographers will appreciate how it reduces hours of post-processing to mere seconds. For fashion enthusiasts, achieving the perfect picture is easy. Social media users can enhance their hot takes with this tool. Magic Eraser offers an API called Magic Studio API. It enables developers to integrate image editing features into their applications.

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