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June 10, 2024

Generated Photos

Free + Paid Plans
AI-powered, copyright-free human faces for creative projects and designs.

What is Generated Photos?

Generated Photos is an innovative AI platform offering worry-free model photos generated by AI. It provides users access to high-quality, diverse images to improve their creative projects, boasting over 2.6 million pre-generated faces and 100,000 super-realistic full-body images, giving users a vast library of photos at their disposal.

The platform features two main components: Faces and Humans. Users can explore a gallery of diverse faces or use the Face Generator to create unique faces based on their specific parameters. They can also access full-body images or use the Human Generator to generate customized human models tailored to their needs.

Generated Photos offers various functionalities to accommodate different user needs. Users can find specific images by applying filters in the Faces database. They can also use the Anonymizer feature to upload and change similar faces while ensuring anonymity.

Crucially, Generated Photos plays a role in reducing bias in AI training by keeping individuals’ biometrics anonymous. It is utilized by designers to introduce diversity into their designs, by law enforcement agencies for criminal identification, by psychologists for studying human face perception, and by artists for creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This tool caters to datasets for machine learning, the gaming industry, 3D visualization, avatars, academic and medical research, human resources, e-commerce, and law enforcement.

Generated Photos offers bulk download options, datasets, and API integration for large-scale projects. Its versatility and diverse image database make it valuable for individuals and organizations, with AI-driven generation powers enabling easy integration into various workflows across different sectors.

Key Features:

  • Face Generator:

    Create hyper-realistic faces of people in various emotions.

  • Human Generator:

    Customize generated people by selecting specific features like hair color, eye color, and clothing.

  • Pre-designed Images:

    Explore a vast library of pre-generated faces with various features.

  • Character Generator:

    Define your own characters with personalities, traits, and unique responses for personalized interactions.

  • Image Editing:

    Create surreal and artistic portraits by manipulating facial features.

  • Background Removal:

    Easily remove the background from images to create transparent PNGs.

  • Image Upscaler:

    Improve the quality of your images by upscaling them with AI.

  • Face Anonymizer:

    Protect your identity by replacing your face in existing photos with AI-generated faces.

  • Commercial Licensing:

    Buy licenses for commercial use of generated images.

  • API Integration:

    Access Generated Photos’ capabilities through their API for automated workflows.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $19.99/mo $199/year

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