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April 19, 2024

Getimg AI

Free + Paid Plans
Your gateway to effortless image creation and modification with powerful AI tools.

What is is a powerful AI-driven image creation and editing tool that offers a complete suite of tools to cater to diverse creative needs.

Among its many functions are the AI Generator, Image Editor, AI Canvas, DreamBooth, and more. Users can generate images from text, edit photos using words, and expand images beyond their borders. They can also train custom AI models to meet specific requirements.

This tool eases image generation through its Text-to-Image functionality, allowing users to describe their vision and watch as the AI brings their ideas to life in real-time. Users can apply unique styles to their creations or train custom models based on their art.

The Real-Time AI Generator offers lightning-fast image generation, enabling users to witness changes in real time while writing prompts. Users can upload images and edit them using prompts, switching between styles such as photorealism, art, and anime to suit their choices.

The AI Canvas feature allows users to expand pictures beyond their borders, creating stunning large art pieces on an infinitely sized canvas. The Image Editor facilitates image editing with text, enabling users to change details or alter visual elements with ease.

With its DreamBooth feature, users can create custom AI models by uploading a few pictures. Whether users need AI avatars, product renders, or personalized models, the tool provides the tools to bring their ideas to fruition.’s user-friendly API enables easy integration with existing workflows, allowing users to generate and edit images using the latest Stable Diffusion-based models.

Empowering users across various industries and creative disciplines, simplifies workflows, allowing users to unleash their imagination and create stunning visual content.

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Image:

    Generate original images based on textual descriptions.

  • AI Canvas:

    Work on an infinite canvas, adding elements and iterating on your creations freely.

  • Anime Generation:

    Create high-quality anime-style images featuring characters, scenes, or objects.

  • Stock Photos:

    Access a vast library of royalty-free stock photos across various categories.

  • Headshot Generation:

    Create realistic portraits of people based on text descriptions or reference images.

  • Avatar Generation:

    Design unique avatars for online profiles, games, or virtual worlds.

  • Wallpaper Generation:

    Create customized desktop or mobile wallpapers with desired themes, styles, and resolutions.

  • Product Photography:

    Generate product images in various settings and styles, showcasing your offerings attractively.

  • Character Generation:

    Craft original characters for stories, games, or personal projects.

  • Logo Generation:

    Create unique logos based on text descriptions, concepts, or reference images.

  • Interior Designing:

    Generate realistic room visualizations based on desired styles, furniture, and layouts.

  • Social Media Assets:

    Design engaging visuals for your social media posts, ads, and stories.

  • Game Assets:

    Generate character sprites, backgrounds, and objects for your game development projects.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $12/mo $9/mo
Premium $29/mo $23/mo
Premium Plus $49/mo $39/mo

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