Lemon Sight

Key Features: 

  • Image Generation:
    Powerful tools, including Automatic1111, InvokeAI, and Vlad Stable Diffusion UI.
  • Creative Extensions:
    The platform offers a variety of creative extensions, including Trippy Videos for morphing videos, Deforum for unique animations, and Temporal Kit for transforming existing footage.
  • Avatar Creation:
    The tool allows users to create talking avatars from images and audio voice files, offering a dynamic way to convey messages.
  • Diverse Creativity:
    Users can explore a wide array of creative avenues, from face swapping and character posing to infinite zooming and AI typography.


Think Diffusion offers a comprehensive workspace, combining the power of Automatic1111, InvokeAI, and SD.Next Stable Diffusion UI’s into a single browser-based platform. Accessible within 90 seconds, it empowers users to improve productivity and creative output. With the ability to run many machines at the same time, users can manage various tasks across different instances within the same browser. Robust file management allows seamless one-click uploads, downloads, and drag-and-drop functionality. Pro File Management allows for seamless control and flexibility across devices and sessions. The platform offers innovative extensions such as Trippy Videos and Temporal Kit, which enable users to have transformative and creative experiences. Think Diffusion redefines animation and creativity with tools like Deforum for morphing videos, ControlNet for character posing, and SadTalker for creating talking avatars from images and audio. Setting up the platform is effortless, requiring users to create an account and jump straight into their creative ventures. With features ranging from AI typography to face swapping and infinite zooming, Think Diffusion empowers users to explore endless creative possibilities.


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