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June 10, 2024

Interior AI

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Redefining Design Possibilities, Your World, Your Style.

What is Interior AI?

Interior AI is an AI Interior Designer tool. It lets users capture photos of their spaces and explore new interior design possibilities.

This tool offers users a versatile toolkit for creative expression. It provides customizable styles, rendering options, and a user-friendly interface. The tool further allows users to opt for public or private settings.

Users can upload photos of their existing space and transform it into their desired style. They can customize different room modes and styles with creative flexibility.

Users can choose between low and high-resolution renders in Interior AI. The tool also provides a secure and personalized extended, private workspace. This allows for the development of design ideas without auto-deletion.

Key Features:

  • Interior Designing

    It helps users design their interiors with AI.

  • Image Upload

    It allows users to capture photos of their existing interiors and transform them into new styles.

  • Customization

    It enables users to customize styles, providing personalization in design outcomes.

  • Photorealistic Visuals

    The tool provides users with the choice between low and high-resolution renders.

  • 360° Panoramas

    The tool enhances the immersive and visual exploration of interior spaces.

  • Virtual Staging

    It allows users to visualize and experiment with different furniture and decor placements.

  • Collaboration

    Share your designs with friends, family, or even professional designers for input.

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