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June 10, 2024


Monetize your GPTs with in-chat ads tailored to improve user experience and boost revenue.

What is AdIntelli?

AdIntelli offers an easy solution for GPT creators to monetize their AI models through in-chat advertising. It simplifies the process of earning revenue from GPTs. The tool puts in place ads within conversations, without any coding skills.

It can link GPT producers to a huge international network of advertising. GPT creators can use ad networks to generate revenue. The tool uses advanced AI to optimize ad placements. This ensures creators earn the highest possible returns from every impression.

An excellent platform for marketers wishing to promote AI solutions is AdIntelli. It provides an exclusive platform for advertisers to target their audience, leading to higher bids for ad placements. To use this platform, you need a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Through the integration of advertising into GPT chats, the platform also prioritizes the user experience. This enhances user interaction and raises the possibility that users would click on advertisements. By personalizing the ad experience, the tool helps creators keep users while generating revenue.

This platform simplifies the integration process with its no-code solution. It allows GPT creators to add ads to their models in just five minutes. This eliminates the need for technical expertise, empowering creators to focus on developing and improving their GPTs while earning revenue.

AdIntelli helps GPT creators to monetize their models through in-chat advertising. It provides access to global ad networks, optimizes ad placements, and focuses on user experience. With its easy-to-use interface, the product offers effective monetization tools. It enables creators to unlock the revenue potential of their GPTs.

Key Features

  • Ad Generation:The tool enables GPT creators to earn revenue through in-chat advertising.
  • Global Ad Networks:It connects GPT creators with millions of advertisers from around the world.
  • AI Monetization:This tool uses AI to optimize ad placements and maximize revenue from impressions.
  • Ad Integration:It integrates ads into GPT conversations to improve user experience and increase engagement.
  • Customization:It tailors ad content to match user preferences and behavior.
  • No-Code:This tool allows GPT creators to add ads to their models without coding skills, saving time and effort.
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