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April 20, 2024


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Empower your ideas with no-code magic and build without limits

What is Bubble?

Bubble is a no-code tool that allows users to design, develop, and launch production-grade applications without coding. It offers a user-friendly experience and caters to a wide range of users. It is an effective tool to create digital solutions without the traditional barriers of programming.

The platform can build applications without the necessity of coding knowledge, opening up app development to a broader audience. It also enables individuals and teams to bring their ideas to life without technical expertise. The tool also has easy scalability, making it suitable for both small-scale projects and large enterprises. Users can start for free and then scale their app as needed.

Bubble offers a robust set of integrations and plugins with over 6.5K options, granting users the flexibility to extend their applications with custom code. Users can also choose from pre-existing plugins, providing limitless integration possibilities.

The tool includes design, logic, and data features, helping users create powerful and functional products. The built-in database and no-code logic allow for full-stack functionality, making it possible to scale and operate efficiently.

Collaboration is another core aspect of this platform, enabling users to work collectively on app development. The platform provides tools for seamless teamwork, ensuring that building applications can be a cooperative and efficient process.

This tool emphasizes security by design, offering SOC 2 Type II compliance, single sign-on, choice of hosting region, and data encryption at rest, giving users peace of mind regarding their app’s security and compliance.

The platform also encourages community engagement and learning through the Bubble Academy. Users can access videos, interactive lessons, and certification exams from here. It also provides a user community and a marketplace to extend its functionality. This support for developers and users contributes to a robust and collaborative ecosystem, boosting continuous learning and growth within its community.

Key Features

  • No-code:

    It allows users to design, develop, and launch production-grade applications without coding.

  • Integration:

    The tool allows users to extend their applications with custom code or choose from over 6.5K plugins and integrations.

  • Scalability:

    Users can expand their apps easily with built-in database support.

  • Collaboration:

    It allows users to work together with others smoothly using collaboration features.

  • Flexible Hosting:

    Users can host their apps from wherever they want for flexibility.

  • Designing:

    It empowers users to design powerful products with its design tools.

  • Full-stack Functionality:

    Users can access full-stack functionality, incorporating logic and data features.

  • Built-in Database:

    The platform enables users to scale their applications while managing and storing data.

  • Data Security:

    It focuses on security, offering SOC 2 Type II compliance, single sign-on, and a choice of hosting region.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $32/mo $29/mo
Premium $134/mo $119/mo
Teams $399/mo $349/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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