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April 14, 2024


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Automate influencer outreach, boost brand visibility, and build backlinks seamlessly.

What is Mentioned?

Mentioned simplifies influencer outreach and link-building processes. It automates email campaigns based on mentions within your content. This tool scans your published content to identify individuals and companies you’ve referenced. This facilitates easy communication with them through personalized email outreach.

The benefits of using this tool are manifold. It enables users to start impactful outreach campaigns. Automating the outreach process removes the dull task of sourcing contact information and composing individual emails. This saves users valuable time and resources.

The tool can foster relationships with new connections. It acknowledges and mentions individuals and their companies in blog posts. Users can grow meaningful relationships and improve brand awareness. This proactive approach to engagement strengthens connections and expands your brand’s reach as it is shared within relevant networks.

This tool is a catalyst for building backlinks and increasing brand visibility. Mentioning individuals or companies in your content can increase the chances of them sharing it with their audience. This can result in valuable backlinks and greater exposure for your brand. is easy to use. After publishing a blog post, it scans for mentioned contacts and companies. Users can review and confirm the identified individuals. They can start automated email sequences with a few clicks. The entire process is integrated within the tool. Users can track analytics and watch replies in real time.

Key Features

  • Content Scanning:

    Scan your published content to identify the people and companies you mention.

  • Content Identification:

    It uses AI to find the identified entities’ contact information (emails, social media profiles).

  • Template Library:

    Offers various pre-built email templates you can customize for each outreach.

  • Content Scheduling:

    Schedules and automatically sends personalized emails to your chosen mentions.

  • Campaign Management:

    Helps manage follow-up emails and reminders for better engagement.

  • Analytics:

    Tracks key metrics like email open rates, click-through rates, and response rates.

  • Attribution Management:

    It helps identify which outreach efforts drive the most valuable results.

  • Integrations:

    Integrates with popular marketing tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

  • Collaboration:

    Allows team members to collaborate on campaigns and share findings.

  • Broken Link Building:

    Find broken links on relevant websites and offer to replace them with links to your content.

Plans Monthly Cost
Standard $49/mo
Advanced $99/mo

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