Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Social Media Assistance:
    Simplifies tasks like scheduling and publishing social media posts. 
  • WhatsApp Chatbot:
    Leverages AI and machine learning to simplify WhatsApp marketing efforts. 
  • Email Marketing:
    Provides a cloud-based email and SMS marketing solution. 
  • Cloud-Based Solution:
    It is a cloud-based marketing tool. This allows for convenient and efficient management of marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics and Insights:
    Tracks the performance of marketing campaigns and makes data-driven decisions for improved results.
  • Targeted Marketing:
    It helps users tailor their marketing efforts to specific customer segments.
  • Digital Campaigns:
    Enables businesses to automate their digital marketing campaigns.


Socialvar is a marketing solution that empowers businesses across various industries. It helps them achieve growth through simplified marketing efforts. 

This tool is a social media marketing platform. It helps schedule and publish social media posts. This also eases the data analysis and manual content posting tasks. 

It also presents a WhatsApp automation solution, a chatbot marketing software. This tool uses AI and machine learning capabilities. 

This platform extends its reach to email and SMS marketing. It offers a cloud-based solution. This allows businesses to engage customers with targeted emails and text messages. Companies can automate digital campaigns and deliver promotions while promoting customer loyalty. It aids by offering bulk email sending, list segmentation, and real-time analytics.


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