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June 10, 2024


Your AI-powered shortcut to partnership growth in seconds.

What is Affistash?

Affistash is a premier AI tool for fostering partnership growth. It caters to affiliates, bloggers, publishers, influencers, newsletters, and partners. This tool enables brands to connect with a multitude of potential partners and expands their reach within seconds.

A common challenge faced by partnership managers is the significant time investment needed to source new partners. On average, managers spend approximately 42% of their time on this task.

This tool addresses this issue by easing the partner discovery process into four simple steps. As a result, sourcing partners takes a fraction of the time that it used to.

The first step involves an AI-driven automated discovery process. This tool collects relevant keywords, target audience, niche, and a brief company description. This data is then used to match the brand with ideal partners across various platforms.

This tool can recruit partners from anywhere on the internet. It casts a wide net, searching for potential partners across the entire online landscape. This includes traditional affiliates, influencers, newsletters, communities, and even complementary businesses.

Upon identifying possible collaborators, Affistash uses its analytics tool to offer insightful data. Users can learn more about the audience that their partner caters to. These include information on traffic, engagement, audience interests, geographical data, and referral links. Users may connect with the ideal partners for their brand and make well-informed decisions with the help of this data.

This platform also offers a robust CRM portal designed for partnership managers. It allows users to manage partnership campaigns, keep track of partner relationships, and create personalized outreach messages.

Affistash helps users look for affiliates, content creators, or partners across eCommerce, SaaS, Finance, Tech, or iGaming. It helps brands to unlock new opportunities for partnership growth and expansion.

Key Features

  • Automated Discovery Process:It matches brands with potential partners using specific criteria.
  • Analytics:It provides insights into partner audiences, including traffic, engagement, audience interests, and more.
  • Targeted Partner Connection:The tool connects users with the right partners for their brand.
  • CRM Integration:This tool offers a CRM portal tailored for partnership managers.
  • AI Assistant:It offers users a custom-trained AI assistant to help manage partner relationships.
  • Partner Categories:The tool allows users to find affiliates, content creators, and partners across various platforms.
  • Partner Identification:The tool simplifies the process of identifying potential partners.
  • Campaign Management:This tool helps manage partnership campaigns, track partner relationships, and monitor campaign performance.
Plans Monthly Annually
Standard $97/mo $77/mo
Premium $247/mo $198/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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